You wrote a bad review – do not immediately make a scandal.
You wrote a bad review – do not immediately make a scandal.

You wrote a bad review – do not immediately make a scandal.

Young authors constantly find themselves getting negative reviews, even though their work isn’t bad at all, and here’s why…

This is the psychology of the reviewer. By simple and clear language it is explained in the following way, when a reviewer begins to write a review about work of young author, he doesn’t want to be called “White Crow” and tries to find mistakes, but on the other hand if a master’s work falls into his hands, he is afraid to write negative. This is the psychology of most domestic writers. And this psychology – you can not change.

Only if the author exceeds the reviewer’s expectations, he can write a positive review, for example, if the author gave him a burst of positive emotions, and it is emotions that govern us at the very moment when we want to write this or that review. Remember, most reviewers are women, and they have “seven Fridays in a week.

And what if you didn’t meet his expectations for some reason? For example, you can see grammatical errors in the work. Here you may be completely disappointed, to put it mildly, and certainly the reviewer will want to warn the audience against reading this author’s work. Of course he will go and write a bad review, expecting to benefit mankind in this way. An adequate writer will certainly contact this reviewer to settle the misunderstanding, while another will most likely try to cause a scandal on the Internet.

What should you do if a negative review does appear on your book page?

First of all, don’t be frightened! Sometimes a negative review is a good kick in the pants and an excuse to discover the shortcomings you didn’t take into account when writing your work. And besides that – a dissatisfied reader can still be satisfied and continue to read your work. Everything can change. Don’t think that reviewers are stale people who have no good motives.

If a negative review appeared on one of the portals on the Internet – be sure to respond to this review on behalf of the author (if you’re adequate owner, be sure to have accounts on all portals, where people write reviews of your works). It is important to this person that you give him basic attention, confirm that his comments are true, and that your attitude towards him was unacceptable. Politely and delicately explain to him why it turned out that this person was dissatisfied, despite the fact that you tried your best. Give the reviewer as detailed and correct a response as possible. I think that you will be heard and maybe over time this reviewer will become your best friend and this happens too.

Try to correct those comments, which were objective. Everyone makes mistakes and you don’t have to be afraid of that. The important thing is that the dynamics of your growth as a writer should be visible to your readers.


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