Xiaomi GetApps begins collaboration with BOOKS STORY
Xiaomi GetApps begins collaboration with BOOKS STORY

Xiaomi GetApps begins collaboration with BOOKS STORY

Today, representatives of Xiaomi Corporation announced cooperation with BOOKS STORY

In the letter received, they told us that they are glad to see us as one of the developers of mobile applications [We feel glad to inform you that your application for developer account has passed. Welcome to join us and become one of the developers in Xiaomi].

Xiaomi GetApps (abbreviated on the GetApps screen) is a package manager or “app store” developed by Xiaomi Technologies Co., Ltd. for the open source MIUI operating system.

GetApps – This is an absolutely secure service that contains many programs for upgrading your smartphone. This service will help you quickly and easily find the necessary files, the latest and most reliable antiviruses, as well as other applications that you cannot find in licensed versions of stores. Previously, it had the name Xiaomi Market, which indicated its orientation exclusively on the company’s products. Now the manufacturer has decided to expand its sphere of influence by developing an online store for devices and other brands.

GetApps contains almost all applications that are published on the Play Market, but also those that are not there. You just need to look and you will find unique offers.

It is also worth noting that the GetApps store is primarily created for the Chinese market, where Google’s original services do not exist, and it is very popular there.

BOOKS STORY is a store of its own original free mobile apps, available for download from anywhere in the world.


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