WordPress VKontakte: how to integrate a website with a social network, the best tools
WordPress VKontakte: how to integrate a website with a social network, the best tools

WordPress VKontakte: how to integrate a website with a social network, the best tools

Exactly with VK.COM first of all, site owners try to integrate their resource on WordPress. Vkontakte is one of the most popular social networks in Runet. In this article, you will find the most affordable ways to implement a VK widget on your resource.

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What ways you can integrate VKontakte on your website

Integrating a site with a VK social network means installing one of 12 types of widgets:

Add the ability for VC users to comment on articles

Add a record to your wall

leave a rating – “I like it”;

recommend the article;

create a poll using a widget made in VK;

allow new users to log in to your resource using their VC data;

give the opportunity to subscribe to the author and others.

Each will consider in detail below.

How to add VKontakte widgets to WordPress

How to install the VC widget on WordPress? It is enough to add the code of a specific widget to any place on the portal. And you can take it on the social network, in the “Developers” section. So it’s easy not to find a section, so we suggest you immediately follow the link. Next, it remains to select the type of widget.

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The comments widget is a block for commenting. You’ve probably already seen it on a lot of sites.

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Users of the resource can use it to comment on articles without registration (only using their VK username and password).

The widget is configured directly on the specified VK page.

To configure it, you need to specify the following parameters. The first step is to specify the site for which the widget is configured. Then – the allowed number of comments. You can set the average value to 10. There is an option “advanced comments”. The width of the widget and, of course, the embed code.

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The VKontakte group widget for WordPress allows you to subscribe to community news directly from the site. The widget settings allow you to add participants with photos to the block, or display group news, or the group name with the number of subscribers and the “Subscribe”button. If you select the second option, you can read all the posts: when you scroll down, old community posts will appear.

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Настройте виджет и скопируйте получивший код, чтобы вставить на определенную страницу или в сайдбар.

  • Добавляем сначала ссылку на сообщество.
  • Выбираем вид (либо участники, либо новости, либо только название группы). Как будет выглядеть блок на сайте вы можете сразу посмотреть – оформление отображается под кодом.
  • Настраиваем оформление: ширину блока, цвет фона, текста, кнопок. Настраиваем и смотрим, что получается.
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Like button

A “like” button should be placed under every informational article on a WordPress site. VKontakte allows you to easily add such a button.

Configure: the button option (smaller, larger), and the button height. You can change the label on it: instead of “Like”, put “This is interesting”. But first, of course, you need to specify the site for which you are preparing the widget.

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Very useful VK widget for WordPress. Allows users to quickly log in to your site, without having to come up with a new username and password. The settings are still simple. But you need to know that there are two types of authorization: regular and dynamic. If necessary, specify the address of the form that opens in front of the user. It will contain the following fields: first name, last name, photo, and others.

With dynamic authorization, there will be slightly more fields, and you don’t need to specify the address.

skrin69 9Surveys

Thanks to the Vkontakte social network, you no longer need to search for special widgets for creating surveys. Everything is set up on the same VK page, easily and simply.

To create a special code, first select the site (or add it if it hasn’t been added yet). Then enter the question and answer options. Adjust the width. And copy the resulting code.

skrin69 10Recommendations

“Recommendations” is another useful VKontakte widget for the WordPress site. Comes “bundled” with the “Like” widget. “Recommendations “is a block with the most popular (judging by the “likes” rating) blog materials.

In the settings, you can select:

  • number of records (how many will be displayed in the block),
  • sample period (i.e., how long it takes to display popular articles – the default value is “week”),
  • and the wording (either “444 people liked it” or “444 people are interested”).
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Allow writing to the community

Subscription in the social network “Vkontakte” to private messages from communities is gaining popularity. Now there is even a VK widget for WordPress that allows you to add a block with a subscription form to the site.

There are only two settings: select the community from which messages will be sent and select the height of the button (there are only three options).

skrin69 12Subscribe to the author

The widget is similar to the previous one, only in this case we are talking about subscribing to a specific author. Users of your site subscribe to receive notifications about new posts on the author’s VK wall.

You can configure the ad block type: as a button, as a link.

skrin69 13Write to Us widget

This tool will replace the standard feedback form.

You can enter text for the block. This call to action should reflect the specifics of your site.

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Community Messages

Not to be confused with” Write to us ” and “Allow us to write messages”. This widget allows you to add a button that opens a field for entering a message when clicked. You can attach a photo or file. Messages are sent to the community administrator.

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Select a community and make settings.

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Writing on the wall

You can use this tool to embed a specific entry from the VK social network on your site. The user in this block will be able to rate the post, share it with their friends in VK, and even subscribe to the author (community). All attached audio recordings, videos, and photos can be viewed directly on the site.

All you need is a link (url) to the record.

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Publishing links

We are talking about the “Publish to Vkontakte” button. It should be placed under each article so that the user can publish your material, opening access to it for millions of users of the VK social network.

When you click on the button on your site, a note is created on the VK user’s wall with a link to your resource. Your user’s friends will see the post first. Then friends of his friends, etc.

The link will be permanent (it will remain accessible to everyone from the page of the person who clicked on the “publish” button). And this is an additional coverage. This opportunity should not be ignored.

The field with widget settings can be called the button constructor. Here you can easily choose the type of button: you can customize it according to the site design, add a counter (how many people clicked “publish”).

skrin69 18WordPress plugins for VK integration: step-by-step configuration

There are only two noteworthy options. Let’s analyze each user’s settings. This will make it easier to find out which Vk plugin for WordPress is more suitable for your site.

Easy VKontakte Connect

If you need a good WordPress plugin for the VKontakte group, Easy VKontakte Connect is an ideal option. The plugin’s functionality is amazing:

  • auto-posting of posts to a group (and, if necessary, to the wall of your personal account);
  • photo album from Vkontakte to the site;
  • share buttons for various social networks: VK, Odnoklassniki, My World, FB, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest;
  • The following options are available: “community messages”, “write us” (shortcode), “authorization” (supports WooCommerce as well), “comments” (you get an email notification), and “communities”;
  • you can hide some of the resource content and open it only to subscribers of the VK group;
  • analyzing VK groups;
  • features for dynamic layout of the widget in the sidebar: pop-up, exit.

To install the plugin, go to the “Plugins” section of the WP console, then – “Add new”. Enter the name in the search and set it.

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We find a new section in the WordPress console and get acquainted with the plugin settings.

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На первой и второй вкладках рассказывается, что сделать, чтобы запустить автопоистинг. В правой колонке сообщения. Одно из них касается создания фотогалереи. Для создания галереи из фотографий, выложенных в ВК, потребуется установить ещё один плагин.

На второй вкладке можно задать точечные настройки для автопостинга:

  • публикация по графику, с задержкой, публикация, когда все онлайн;
  • очереденость публикаций, оформление записей;
  • выбор типа записи, категории, из которых следует публиковать записи;
  • задать количество прикрепляемых фото из статьи, количество знаков заголовка и анонса;
  • прописать текст самого сообщения.
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The third tab is settings for the Comments widget. Here you can configure:

  • width and height of the comment block. When set to “0”, it is configured automatically.
  • number of comments: by default, 10, or you can put it in the range of 5-100.
  • banning / allowing files to be attached to comments;
  • updating the comments feed in real mode (on/off);
  • placing a widget on the site (auto/manual);
  • who should I show it to: all users, or only registered users;
  • service settings – for pros (you can set different Page IDs for the same article, CSS, or API).
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You can import comments from the group to the site. Many settings are only available in the PRO version. You can view all your comments in the next tab – “Review comments”.

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You can hide part of the site’s content related to VK users in the “Social Lock” tab.

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In the “Buttons and Widgets” tab, you will find all the VK widgets available in the plugin interface. Namely: “Share”, “Communities”, “Authorization”, “Messages”. And also unknown to us – “Statistics”, this tab displays statistics of all user actions.

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The next tab is “Analyze VK groups”. This is a tool for analyzing the VK group. Allows you to find out the interests of subscribers, improve the effectiveness of the group, and increase the reach and number of subscribers. The group’s posts are analyzed (up to 100 of them). The number of likes, reposts, and comments is estimated.

The “Sidebars” tab allows you to create your own: with the effect of disappearing or appearing, before or after the content. Once you create your sidebar here, it will appear in the list of WordPress widgets.

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Последний пункт меню плагина EVC – «Лог». Здесь отображаются логи действий плагина EVC. На момент установки и первичной настройки здесь никаких записей не будет. Эта функция позволяет фиксировать все события, включая действия с ошибками. Необходимо, чтобы знать, где искать ошибку, как её устранить.

VKontakte API

VKontakte API – продукт известного разработчика плагинов. Эта же команда выпустила: плагин для оптимизации сайта WP; плагин, отключающий комментарии к записям WP, инструменты для транслитерации ссылок и имен файлов, отключения уведомлений администратора, сокрытия страницы входа в систему и другие разработки (скрипты, стили).

С помощью плагина VKontakte API владелец сайта может добавить все, перечисленные в начале этой статьи, виджеты ВК. Также плагин позволяет настроить автопостинг для ВК.

Настройка VKontakte API для WordPress производится легко. Не нужно быть крутым веб-мастером, чтобы понять для чего, какая кнопка предназначена.

Настроить в «Кросспостинге» можно: типы записей, которые будут публиковаться в группе, длину текста, задержку публикации в секундах, конвертацию тегов в хэштеги и другое. И все функции доступны (нет отсыла на pro версию, как в прошлом плагине). Обновления, в случае изменения статьи на сайте, происходя автоматически на странице группы в Вконтакте.

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Setting up the “Comments” widget. Stretch the block to the width of the page. Setting up notifications. We’ll make it possible to add files to comments.

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Enable Facebook. We will allow users to choose how to comment using the VK widget or through regular WordPress comments.

skrin69 30Connect the social buttons of the VK, FB, Google+, Twitter, Mail, OK networks). The VK buttons “Like” and “Share”, “Like” in FB, retweet on Twitter, etc. are available.

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Самые главные настройки в разделе «Настройки логина».

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Adding the site to the VK. Setting up the app. Copy its ID and key, and you’re done.

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After setting up your username and activating all the plugin functions (or almost all of them, if you choose), you can view the result on the site.

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Какие еще плагины могут пригодиться

Плагин ВКонтакте для сайта WordPress – вещь незаменимая. Именно с их помощью мы создаем социально интересный проект. И раз среди ваших читателей множество пользователей ВК и других соцсетей, вам могут пригодиться и такие разработки:

  • Meks Easy Social Share (социальные кнопки «Поделиться»),
  • VK-photos (галерея на сайте из фотографий Вконтакте),
  • VK Poster Group.

Meks Easy Social Share

Adds “Share” social media buttons to your posts and pages. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, email, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, WhatsApp and VKontakte. All these buttons will appear on your WordPress site after activating and configuring the plugin.

The interface is in English. But all the settings are clear.

There are several built-in styles that allow you to design buttons in accordance with the site template. You can set a custom color. Choose one of two options: buttons with a background or with a border on white.

You can insert buttons anywhere in the blog, not just before and after the post. You can add a subtitle by entering it in the appropriate field.

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Meks Easy Social Share is not the only such plugin for WordPress. VKontakte share buttons – there are many analogs with such words in the name. For example, the VK Share Button plugin.


The plugin allows you to add a gallery of photos posted on the Vkontakte social network to your site. What distinguishes this WordPress plugin (“gallery like VKontakte”, users say) is the presence of three built-in styles. One of them is really very similar to the Vkontakte photo album.

In the main settings, you need to add an account for either a group or a user. They can be up to 10 pieces. Customize the design: gallery size, number of photos, “Show more” button, etc. In the “Templates” section, choose one of the three options. And add the album to the site using a shortcode. All suggestions for using the plugin can be found in the “Help” section.

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Unfortunately, the last update of this plugin was 2 years ago. It is not a fact that it will work adequately on new versions of WP.

VK Poster Group

VK Poster Group is a WordPress VKontakte plugin for auto-posting posts. This is the easiest tool for quickly posting WordPress posts to the VK social network group. There are no unnecessary settings. Free, but with developer support. Woocommerce support.

How do I configure it? Go to settings after installing and activating the plugin. Click the red button-step 1. We are transferred to Vkontakte, in the developers section. Here you need to create an app. Then go to “Settings” and copy the app ID. Then go back to the plugin settings and paste in the appropriate ID field.

Step # will be available immediately after that.2. Click on the second red button that appears. Send it to the social network. You must agree to the offer (grant access so that the plugin can publish entries on your behalf). Insert the received token (access key) in the appropriate field in the VK Poster Group plugin settings. Next, we’ll add the ID of the group where we need site entries. Then we’ll make the rest of the settings. Save the result. And we will enjoy autoposting.

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