Which is better than WordPress or 1C-Bitrix
Which is better than WordPress or 1C-Bitrix

Which is better than WordPress or 1C-Bitrix

Most entrepreneurs planning their site are faced with the choice: WordPress or Bitrix? In RuNet, these are the two main platforms on which most of the sites are made. Both of these CMS have their pros and cons. Let’s start with WordPress.

1. WordPress

Approximately 60 million sites are based on WordPress, and this CMS considered the most common on the Internet. About 33% of all the most popular sites are created on WordPress.

WordPress Pros:

  • Easy to use and great content creation capabilities;
  • A huge number of plugins – from increasing loading speed to page builders;
  • Superior SEO capabilities using yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins.

WordPress Cons:

  • A large number of plugins in English only;
  • The system may be vulnerable due to the openness of the code;
  • No official tech support.

Due to the open source CMS, there are a huge number of plugins for it, most of which are available for free. The creative capabilities of the system, especially in the framework of blogging, are simply enormous – after all, most of blogs on the web are made on WordPress.

2. 1C-Bitrix

This CMS can be described as follows – beautiful, high quality, expensive. This platform is really not cheap, but it is safe to say that even with a basic set of functions, it is great for large online stores or news outlets.

Pros of 1C-Bitrix:

  • Very large andd deep functionality for excellent website performance;
  • Deep integration with other systems from 1C (very useful for online stores);
  • A large number of extra modules and plugins, especially custom made.

1С-Bitrix cons:

  • High price;
  • Difficulty in programming and adaptation to CMS;
  • Smaller SEO functionality compared to WordPress.

In what cases is Bitrix used? Within the CIS countries, this platform can often be found in large online stores or news outlets. Many IT contractors in Russia are exclusively engaged in working on this platform, and have developed their own collection of modules for launching large projects. Fortunately, the system allows you to implement such personal developments.

What to choose – WordPress or Bitrix?

Bitrix is more suitable for functioning on large projects – online stores or large information portals. However, it is extremely difficult to understand it, and very often you need to study a large amount of material in order to get at least something sensible.

At the same time, there are a lot of CMS programmers on the market who are able to build a very worthy site – however, such specialists are very expensive. And if you make a website on Bitrix yourself, then it will take much longer to master the platform than on WordPress.

WordPress, on the other hand, is the most affordable CMS, however, to get a really high quality site, it is preferable to purchase certain plugins. For example, Elementor Pro, which allows you to create professional and colorful pages.

Do not forget that the largest websites are built on this CMS, and with the right skill and the right plugins, you can make a very high-quality product. Just google for the most popular websites on wordpress – you will instantly see its production qualities.


So, WordPress or Bitrix? Based on our personal experience, in 9 cases out of 10 we will choose WordPress. Still, most of the Western sites are built on this CMS, which already says a lot. It is also much easier to learn, and the functionality when using various plugins is simply incredible.

At the same time, we would use 1C-Bitrix for online stores with a large number of SKUs, since it allows you to work with them in a more structured way.


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