When I write prose, I do not forget about poetry
When I write prose, I do not forget about poetry

When I write prose, I do not forget about poetry

When I write prose, I do not forget about poetry. As a rule, I include in prose those poems that can be put to music. These poems help convey the inner state of my heroes and reflect their experiences. In my book “Secrets of the Ocean Depths,” I included the following poems from my poem “Pioneers”:

In the distant, northern seas,
My star burns…
The caravel’s sails are still
The caravan’s sails are still blown
She’s still looking for a way
To distant shores
She’s not frightened by the storm
And the Pacific Ocean

The star in the sky burns
Shining overboard
The sailors lie in their quarters
Forgetting a long sleep.
They wish they could find
The treasure on the way
They can only dream
To find it

I’m the only one looking for my star
Hoping to find my star…
I’ve sailed a hundred seas
but there’s no fire
Only waves crashing against the stern
I can’t see land
On the map someone’s drawn
On the map there’s nothing but the contours

Or maybe we’re not meant to be
Maybe we’re not meant to reach her
The fog has long since closed
The fog has long covered our shoulder
Hoping to find something
I’m looking for a piece of land,
There’s a glimmer of light up ahead,
We’re sailing towards the lights

Oh, those bright lights
Looking for them sailors
Like butterflies fly to the light
That’s how they swim to them
I don’t know what’s waiting for me
At the edge of the Earth
Our pilot’s charting the course
We’re close to our destination

We’re close to our destination
that’s fate
Who seeks gold in the darkness
Some are slaves to the calf
I’m looking for the road to paradise
Where there’s no war yet
It’s a pity we sometimes carry with us
We carry a part of our guilt…

These poems helped me to convey the mood of my characters, who were about to go on a voyage to the sea…


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