What’s been on the site lately?
What’s been on the site lately?

What’s been on the site lately?

As you have already noticed, we decided not to stop there and are working on building and updating our website.

The wordpress platform allows you to add new plugins and features to the chosen theme and this makes our task easier.
So what’s new on the site lately?
First, we have added a translation of our site into English. Moreover, when you click on the flag, we get the English version of the site and information about our activities is now available to foreign citizens.
Secondly, we have a new section “Quotes from books” and now you can understand what this or that book is written about before reading it on the Internet or on paper.
Thirdly, we have a rubric associated with illustrations for our works. I think that this section will be of interest to those of our readers who love visual content.
I hope that we will continue to develop our resource and that you, as readers of our blog, will be the first to know about it.


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