What is the author’s list?
What is the author’s list?

What is the author’s list?

Especially for beginners, we open a new section – the main terms and definitions and I want to start with the definition – what is the author’s list…

The author’s list is the unit of measurement used in Russia and post-Soviet countries for the volume of a literary work created by the author or processed by a translator, editor or proofreader.

In the Russian Federation, one author’s list is:

40,000 printed characters, including punctuation, numbers, and spaces;
700 lines of poems;
3,000 sq. see illustrations.

Why are they considered signs, not standard A4 Words? Because on one sheet you can place a different amount of information, depending on the font, its size, the distance between the lines and the width of the fields. But if you really want to translate the volume into word sheets, then about 2,500 characters with spaces of 12 pins (font size), Times New Roman font in a one and a half interval, are removed on one. You can now calculate how many such word sheets will be in one author’s. I did it – 16.


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