What has changed on the site lately?
What has changed on the site lately?

What has changed on the site lately?

We are not standing still – we are developing

First, two new sections have appeared on the site: frequently asked questions useful articles
In the section of frequently asked questions I plan to publish answers to those topics which always appear in the questions posed to me on various resources or during interviews, and in the section useful articles I plan to publish the most important and important materials that will concern the writing activity, here I plan to publish extracts from legal acts and laws of Russian Federation

Secondly, to get feedback I have started to use the form of surveys more often. This allows you to get information from my readers in real time, and the person who has expressed his opinion remains unrecognized and this is the main difference from the forum, where the respondent should register.

Third, we have added a “Scripts” section. You can download documents in pdf format completely free of charge. If you’d like to stage a play or an adaptation of one or another of our works – write to us, we can communicate with the administration of this resource.

Fourthly, I’m slowly changing the design of the resource, making it more functional.


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