What compelled me to write the novel “Visualizer or Man – Changer of Reality”
What compelled me to write the novel “Visualizer or Man – Changer of Reality”

What compelled me to write the novel “Visualizer or Man – Changer of Reality”

Many have heard such a thing as “psychotronic weapons”, but few people know what it is.

Recently, historians periodically publish information about the secret German project “Thor”, the development of which was carried out during the years of Nazi Germany. This project involved the creation of devices for manipulating human consciousness. In 1944, German scientists managed to create the first working models of devices, and by the time the war ended, 15 stations were already operating in Germany, which influenced not only the consciousness of the Nazi troops, but also the entire population. These stations were tuned to increase fanaticism, fighting spirit, and the will to win.
As for the Soviet Union, here in many settlements systems of psychotronic manipulation of human consciousness were installed, which were called “Crab” and “Kite”.

In Riga in the 1980s, the “Kite” complex was introduced, the principle of which was as follows: the city was covered by a coherent field, all people in which had one common quality, that is, the system equalized all people according to physical data, intelligence level and emotional mood. Everyone who goes beyond the established limits felt discomfort and a hostile attitude towards themselves, so they lowered themselves to the level of the rest. Such a system ruled out popular unrest and riots.

With the help of the “Kite” system, the level of crime was regulated. As conceived by the creators, the system should have contributed to the rallying of people and serene happiness. And the “Serpent” justified itself, the system was so effective that they began to supply it to the Far East.

As for the “Crab” system, it was introduced in Moscow, Alma-Ata, Leningrad, Dushanbe. This system was a more modern network of psi-emitters and made it possible to manipulate human consciousness and push people to commit various kinds of programmed actions.
But in Dushanbe, the system failed in 1990, leaving the local population in a semi-mad state for several days. Most institutions and shops were looted. And even the internal troops and the police participated in the riots (the catalyst for the events was the Armenian refugees who arrived after the earthquake in the Caucasus, there for social benefits and housing).

In addition, the newly created republics inherited from the USSR the TsULiP stations, the development of which began in the late 1970s. Currently, there are similar complexes throughout Russia. Since its commissioning, this system has been modernized several times, but for more than 30 years nothing has changed dramatically in it. What is left is managed by the military, as well as civilians, who signed a non-disclosure agreement. It is noteworthy that there are no scientists at such stations.

In Soviet times, such complexes occupied an entire room and were assembled from Soviet components (generators, voltmeters, frequency meters, magnetrons, waveguides, and even a primitive computer). During operation, such a complex buzzed strongly and overheated. The system included a sufficiently functional, as for that period of time, transcranial electrical stimulator and an encephalograph, which were connected to the operator, who was in a small separate room. The whole system was controlled by a technician who laid the program on a plastic tape, entered the necessary parameters on the control panel and pressed the start button.

The complex also included a box, incomprehensible to any ordinary specialist in radio engineering and electronics. This box was sheathed with foam, and several waveguides and cables came up to it, as well as pipes from the compression unit of the refrigerator, as a result of which this box cooled down to -50 – -70 degrees during operation.

There could be quite a lot of such complexes in one protected room. Despite the fact that the complexes exist for a long time, there was no information in the media about them. Therefore, it is impossible to say with certainty what exactly it was used for.

But about the tests of the Radio Hypnosis installation, which were carried out in 1973 in one of the military units, it became known to the public. This installation produced microwave radiation, which caused acoustic vibrations in the brain. The installation had such a capacity that it was enough to process a city with an area of ​​\u200b\u200babout 100 square kilometers and put all the inhabitants to sleep. The work of “Radio Hypnosis” had a side effect – it caused mutations in the cells of the body.

The so-called “network” method of psychotronic influence on the population was also used in the Soviet Union. This happened in the 1980s and 1990s. And in 1993, the technical features of such an impact were revealed. The method of exposure was based on the discovery of Mikhailovsky, who at the beginning of the last century established that certain combinations of electromagnetic impulses lasting several seconds, which are repeated at a certain frequency and broadcast at a certain frequency, affect certain parts of the brain responsible for the emotional state and the work of internal organs. In Soviet times, psychotronic processing of the population was carried out through the telephone, lighting, television antennas, radio networks, and signaling. As a result, many people experienced irreversible injuries, and among the elderly, premature deaths. In addition, it was not uncommon for people to leave their apartments and become homeless.

Another complex of psychotronic influence was located in the city of Korolev and went to the NPO Energia. It was created in 1986 and was a generator of special physical fields, intended to correct the behavior of large masses of the population. The generator was launched into space orbit and covered a vast territory with its beam.
Ten years earlier, in 1976, equipment appeared in the Ukrainian city of Slavutych that emitted a pulsating knock on the radio. This point is known as Chernobyl-2, and in the West it is better known as the Russian Woodpecker. Then the West was seized by a real panic. Articles appeared in the media stating that the USSR had made a discovery that would allow them to destroy up to five American cities a day without missiles and bombers and sow panic and epidemics among the peoples. It was even suggested that with the help of radar stations, impulses were transmitted that affect the psyche. The essence of the theory was that the carrier signal of the radar station was modulated by an ultra-low frequency signal, coinciding with the brain impulse in a state of irritation or depression.

Today, information is circulating that the Chernobyl-2 station was created as part of the Soviet anti-missile and anti-space defense system, which was supposed to detect a nuclear attack in the first seconds after the launch of enemy ballistic missiles. With the help of short radio waves that spread over thousands of kilometers, it was planned to constantly scan American territory. But in the West, the impulses of Chernobyl-2 were considered psychoactive and capable of influencing human behavior.

And in some ways Western journalists were right. Back in 1969, the construction of the Duga-2 radar near Kyiv and the Far East began in the USSR. Moreover, this secret decision was made after the prototype of the new complex – the Duga radar near Nikolaev failed to cope with its main, “official” task – could not detect the missile launch. Everyone who spoke out about the inefficiency of these radars was fired and expelled from the CPSU.

It was not possible to use the Duga-2 station for its intended purpose, since they did not cope with their functions. But in the West, they continued to sow panic, so politicians did everything possible to block signals through diplomatic channels. True, in 1987, shortly after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Duga-2 complex near Kyiv was first mothballed, and then completely closed. At the station “Duga-2”, which was located in Khabarovsk, there was a fire, so it had to be closed.
Thus, now it remains only to guess for what purposes such systems were created and used.

However, the history of psychotronic influence on the population did not end there. In modern times, several decades after the collapse of the USSR, a new psychoactive weapon appeared in Russia, which was called sound drugs.

It all started in 2006, when the I-Doser program was created, which allows you to listen to audio files of a certain content. As a rule, these were sounds that caused a state of euphoria, similar to that achieved after the use of real drugs. All these sounds were stored in special closed files, and they could be listened to a strictly limited number of times. By 2009, there were already more than a hundred sound files, which even in their names were associated with traditional drugs (LSD, marijuana). Some have more abstract names (“lust for life”, “hand of God”).

However, the closed files were soon hacked, and their contents were converted into common audio file formats that can be listened to with any player (mp3, wav). Then a large number of sites appeared that offered everyone who wanted to listen to or download “sound drugs” for free.

If we talk about technology, it should be noted that sound drugs are pulsating sounds of a certain set of frequencies. The influence on the brain is carried out due to binaural beats, which are identical to the frequencies of “brain waves”.

According to the neurosurgeon N. Theodore, there is no real evidence that sound drugs can have a detrimental effect on the human psyche. His point of view is also supported by Doctor of Medical Sciences V. Yakunin, who claims that it is impossible to obtain a permanent effect and accurately describe it, since everything depends on the individual characteristics of a person. Therefore, we should rather talk about the “placebo” effect, but at the same time, prolonged listening to such sounds (and this, as the majority notes – pulsating sounds and noise), can cause a deterioration in physical condition, headache, blurred vision, noise in ears.

It is impossible to assert that sound drugs are absolutely harmless or vice versa, like other methods of psychotronic influence, are extremely dangerous. In any case, long-term exposure will affect the state of a person, both on the physical and mental levels, so it’s better not to encounter such things in life.

The above facts inspired me to write the novel “Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality”. I hope that his story will not leave anyone indifferent


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