Today is World Book Lover’s Day.
Today is World Book Lover’s Day.

Today is World Book Lover’s Day.

Today is World Book Lover’s Day. It is celebrated every year on August 9 this wonderful holiday with which I want to congratulate you. The tradition of celebrating the World Book Lovers Day originates in America. It was there that the national holiday Book Lovers Day was born. Fans of literature in different parts of the world appreciated the idea of the inhabitants of the United States and also began to celebrate this holiday. Our fellow citizens also celebrate this holiday, although in addition to this holiday there are other similar celebrations:
On November 30 we celebrate the day of the reader, and on March 3 we celebrate the day of the writer.
Besides, there are other close holidays, such as Poetry Day (March 21) and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23).
I didn’t stay away from this event either and decided to give a maximum discount on my latest book.
On the platform Litres, until August 15, my book “Scary Dreams of a Visualizer” will be presented with a 20% discount.

I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish you to read as many good books as possible!


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