The long-awaited novel of 2023 – “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer”
The long-awaited novel of 2023 – “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer”

The long-awaited novel of 2023 – “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer”

Colleagues, I hasten to inform you that I have finished writing a novel that will be a continuation of my past work “Visualizer or Person – Changing Reality.” The new book received the working title “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer.” The book has already been posted on the Litres and Ridero platforms. The Author Today platform will host a free excerpt from it – 9 chapters out of 54 chapters of the novel. You yourself understand Author Today does not bring me any money, but I don’t want to work for free. Since the editorial policy of Litres is different from the editorial policy of Ridero had to make two different covers for my new book for these resources and you can compare them and say which one you liked best. I’ll be grateful for that.

Book cover on Ridero:

Book cover on Litres:

In the book, you will meet old heroes who have to undergo new tests and who will try to solve the problems facing society while abroad. The heroes, as before, are opposed by the forces of evil. Only this time it will not be villains-psychiatrists, but ordinary oligarchs in the person of representatives of the Masonic order. All these people enter a secret society disguised as a closed golf club. The heroes of the novel will have to face villains and create a resource on the pages of which materials will be published that expose the activities of these villains who are trying to destroy our world through an epidemic.

The plot of the novel runs along the border of two genres: the genre of fiction and the genre of detective.

I hope you enjoy this post and pay attention to this book as well.


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