The long-awaited audiobook has been released
The long-awaited audiobook has been released

The long-awaited audiobook has been released

Friends, I want to inform you that the first part of the audiobook of the modern Russian writer Nikita T “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer” was released on the youtube platform

Nikita T’s novel “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer” is an amazing fusion of dynamic action, social drama and cruel dystopia.
The crew of the plane falls into a mysterious cloud. An accident is about to happen. On board the aircraft are two passengers who transport a sealed metal case with some kind of test tubes. After reading this work, you have to find out their history full of adventures, random meetings and interesting events. Together with the heroes, you will enter into a battle with dangerous villains who entangled the entire Western world with their tentacles. However, in this work, not everything is clear – the truth will prevail, and the villains will be defeated. I am sure that you will also worry about the fate of the main characters of this novel – which has both fantastic and detective lines. And the questions that he poses to readers will allow you to learn some sides and features of the modern world in all its diversity and inconsistency.

Listen to the novel in Russian and this will help you learn it


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