The Little Secrets of Big Authors
The Little Secrets of Big Authors

The Little Secrets of Big Authors

Every author has his own professional secrets. Through trial and error, people find those platforms where they feel comfortable communicating, those publishers with whom they can speak directly and honestly about the publication of their works, and those critics who can point out your mistakes without offending the author. A real author gradually acquires a trail of useful contacts. Without these contacts, an author cannot promote himself or herself in the marketplace.

If anyone thinks that talent today without connections can break through, he is deeply mistaken. No one will share their secrets and know-how with an author. And I have sinned, too. Gradually I began to have such “useful” contacts, too. People with whom I communicate share information and do not even charge for it. The more famous the author is – the more of these contacts I have. Correspondingly there are more of my little secrets. It should be noted that this applies not only to printed books, but also e-books and audiobooks. And in each segment – there are nuances and caveats. If you do not know them you’ll always get paid. This is used by the owners of numerous resources, which on some hidden pitfalls of their activities – at first do not tell, and only then put the author before the fact. I understand that everyone wants to make money. But, as a rule, authors are not wealthy people and they should not be so blatantly profiteering.
My main secret is that the more you do everything yourself, the less you pay others, so I can do a lot of things on their own – from the layout of the book in a professional publishing editor to correcting photos in Photoshop and imposing beautiful fonts on them … And now design – a matter of taste …


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