The Ballads, a collection of song poems, was released on Ridero
The Ballads, a collection of song poems, was released on Ridero

The Ballads, a collection of song poems, was released on Ridero

We want to make you happy. At the end of December a collection of song lyrics “Ballads” was released on Ridero.

This is not the first collection of poems presented by Nikita T. At the beginning of 2020 the Ridero publishing house published the book “Seasons” with wonderful landscapes by Tatiana Timokhova, and at the end of 2021 the same publishing house published the second collection of poems – “A couple of lines about love. Both books have aroused the interest of our readers. This time we publish the poems of this author, which were specially written to be put to music and become songs. The songs of each great master of song poems are necessarily marked by the fact that, they are individual. The real talent of the songwriter can be easily guessed from his or her handwriting, from the tunefulness of his or her works, which are easily set to music… This is fully true for Nikita T, whose songs are included in this collection of “Ballads” on the pages of this publication. About characteristic features of these songs, about the reasons of their unmistakable recognizability we could speak much. It is enough just to look at the table of contents of this collection to understand that the main themes of his work are love, true male friendship, comprehension of the events of the past and the beauty of Russian nature. These themes can not leave anyone of the Russian people can not be indifferent. These works are different in content and in the nature of the characters described, in mood and in the style of their writing. And at the same time the song poems of Nikita T are very different – they differ in their melodiousness, songfulness and kindness. When you listen to them, you want to believe in the best, imbued with the optimism of this absolutely modern Russian writer and poet. They evoke strong feelings in the listener, and probably that is why they are easy to remember. What is the secret here? The answer to this question is ambiguous. It consists of several components, multiplied by the main thing – a wonderfully original talent of the author, his ability to live and feel in unison with his contemporaries, the response of the heart and mind to the concerns of millions of our people. It may seem that Nikita T writes these poems easily and they are superficial, but it is not. Behind the apparent simplicity, there is a deep meaning hidden in the talent of our people, which the author was able to catch and convey in the lyrics of his poems. Many of these verses have already been set to music. But many are still waiting for their composer, and I hope you will also pay attention to them. Among the composers who have collaborated with this remarkable author are such remarkable composers as: Galina Alexandrovna Dmitrieva, Pavel Chumakov, Marina and Alexander Volchenko, Rina Serpova and many, many other bright and talented musicians and composers. So why do these poems pay attention? Here are just some of their main features: the dramatic structure of the poems, brevity, determined by the content of Russian poetry, extensive use of techniques and turns of everyday people’s vocabulary, as well as the creative implementation of elements of folklore past and present, harmonious freshness and rhythmic diversity of poems. Perhaps that is why the poetic word takes a special place in the works of Nikita T. It is not always possible to put the poem to music, but the poems of this poet is so melodic that it is difficult to imagine them without it. The melody itself comes to mind, despite the complexities of modern life. The very process of birth of poetry is a mystery not available to many. This is why in the song poems written by Nikita T, we find such a rare degree of consonance of music and word, their inseparability, mutual penetration. There is a lot to say about the songs written to Nikita T’s lyrics, but I will focus on some of the features. They are original and not similar to the songs of other authors, which wrote earlier, in other historical periods of life of our country. Therefore, this collection is not a summation, but rather the beginning of a long creative path and we wish this author success in his work. Although, of course, the way passed already considerable – it is measured by years of creativity and hundreds of works, some of which are included in this collection. And throughout all this time, the poet Nikita T remains true to himself – he retains an inexhaustible supply of optimism, mental youth and romantic inspiration. This allows him to touch the soul of his contemporaries and play on their emotions. Making them forget about the complexities of life. There is no doubt that this will continue to be the case. The song should not only bring joy to its listeners, but also high moral ideals to educate people, to make them better and kinder.


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