Mission Osiris
Mission Osiris

A few words about Nikita T’s new book “Mission Osiris”

We want to say a few words about the most anticipated new product in November – the fantastic novel by Nikita T – “Mission Osiris.” Even though this book has already been written, it is in drafts on Litres. You can download this work by following the following link https://www.litres.ru/book/nikita-t-31869… In the near future, the author will complete the proofreading and editing of this work and its cost will change.

When we look up at the sky, we realize that we are not alone in the universe. Somewhere out there, where the stars shine brightly, we can hardly catch the magical breath of a distant and mysterious life. This life is unknown to us, but we try to find and conceptualize it in our fantasy works.

By the will of the author of this book we are transported hundreds of billions of light years away to a new uncharted world, to the place where huge spaceships of Nagas, Garhs and Petropolitans are built, where grand battles take place and interplanetary peace and trade agreements are concluded.

Reading this book, we can visualize those amazing events that unfold on distant planets and are different from everything we notice in our usual life. The author draws us a new and amazing world, where there has long been an advanced civilization, and androids have become common and familiar. Just as smartphones or advanced cell phones act for us. We learn about the attitudes of the inhabitants of this world towards the various creatures that surround them: androids, religion, bureaucrats and the military.

The author suggests us to look at this world from the outside, because the development of our own society is moving along this technocratic direction. I am sure that the widespread use of neural networks will push us to create new humanoid devices that will compete with humans, as described in this work. And the problems faced by the humanoids described in the novel “Mission Osiris” will someday be solved by us – ordinary people in cooperation with our leaders and governments of our countries.

However, there are problems in this wonderful world as well. There is no such thing as a perfect society – it is a utopia. Despite high technological development, even here there are villains who seek world domination. That is why this world is so similar to the one on planet Earth. The villains described in the novel use the latest scientific advances to create subordinate hybrid creatures devoid of emotions, doubts and conscience, inherent in all intelligent living beings inhabiting the universe.

With the help of a whole army of bred hybrids, the villains try to reclaim several little-known planets and remote settlement colonies, on which they try to build a new world, living by other cruel rules. In this world, they seek to become lords who would resemble mythical gods and subjugate the natives living there, making them their slaves. However, these dark personalities do not close themselves in their own little world, but try to impose their will on other humanoid races living in the universe. The villains are trying to change the entire world around them – the entire universe. Isn’t it so familiar to everyone? This is exactly what happens in our imperfect society – on planet Earth.

Reading this novel, you are immersed in an unusually intricate plot that the author came up with. A plot full of twists and turns, author’s quest and dynamic lines. They will tell you about the difficult struggle that unfolds in the distant cosmos, which we do not even guess.

Not all peoples inhabiting the universe are ready to become slaves of these villains and submit to their brute physical force. There are armed skirmishes with these self-serving alien creatures. The living beings inhabiting the universe are asserting their independence just as it is happening in ours – a multipolar world in which we too are fighting for our freedom and independence from unscrupulous hegemons. And, just as in ours, good triumphs over evil, which for a while hides in darkened corners to strike a new unexpected blow.

The protagonist of the novel is Norman Royce, the captain of an alien ship, who is mentioned in passing in Nikita T’s previous books: “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” and “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”. The hero is sent into deep space on a secret mission called “Mission Osiris”. It is this journey that the novel of the same name is about.

In fact, this novel is a continuation of the previously released trilogy, although it reads like a separate standalone work. In the future, in the continuation of this novel will be written several more books, which will mention the same characters that are described in these works.

It can be said that this novel is the first book of a new fantasy cycle. It is possible that in the next books the author will introduce in the storyline and Stephen Chiskein himself, who is so loved by our readers from the first published work of this trilogy called “Gifts of the Gods”. I think that after that the storyline of this book will become even more dynamic and exciting.

In conclusion, I would like to note that this novel is written in two popular genres – action fiction and crime detective. The author tries to keep the reader in constant suspense, so that until the very last moment we were not clear what drives the villains who hide under the mask of ordinary clerks – scientific researchers and research workers hiding on an alien ship, which continues its journey to the borders of inhabited worlds. The ship receives a distress signal from the planet Silesia, and the captain decides to send a research expedition to the planet. It is she who will have to face the evil, which is still hidden from other intelligent races.

Gradually before us unfolds a picture of the life that existed on a distant planet – Silesia and those tragic events that led to irreversible changes, turning it into the most real Hell.

We realize that any prosperous planet can die because its inhabitants crossed the red line and stopped caring about it. To some extent, the author tries to give a warning to us – earthlings, as well as our descendants.

I think that the attentive reader will understand the messages and concerns that the author is trying to convey on the pages of this book. Try to read thoughtfully the novel “Mission Osiris” and reflect together with the author on the problems of peaceful existence of our vast universe and the meaning of life on the inhabited and populated worlds, which we have yet to conquer in the near future.