Sometimes we meet talented people on our way
Sometimes we meet talented people on our way

Sometimes we meet talented people on our way

Sometimes we meet talented people who serve as examples to us. As a rule, they inspire us to be creative, giving us inspiration. Recently I met a very talented couple, Marina and Alexander Volchenko. Marina acts as a producer and composes quite good poetry herself. But about her husband I would like to tell separately:

Volchenko Alexander Mikhaylovich – composer, arranger of the recording studio,

Member of RAO (Russian Authors Society) – since December 2002 (under contract 12931).

A.Volchenko since 2007 was a participant as a hero of federal talk shows:

“Let them talk”-(First channel) , “Malakhov+”(in 2007) , “Live healthy”)

“Case X” (channel Russia),

About him and with his participation several documentaries were broadcasted on the federal channels: on Channel Five (St. Petersburg), the home channel, on the Russian RTR channel “Beware of the Brain”.

At the moment he does not perform on stage. Writes songs and arrangements in the studio for customer albums, to poetry of poets in different languages from different countries, including Russia, England, Israel, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Holland, USA, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others.

Collaborates with Moscow and composers from other cities and countries to write arrangements to their music.

On channels YouTube and SoundCloud exposed about 1500 his songs of different genres and styles.

A.Volchenko was on the radio bridge New York – Volgograd, where he was interviewed by an English presenter, and his songs in English sung by composer A. Volchenko to the verses of American poets were broadcasted in the USA. His songs are heard on the radio in different countries.

With this talented man, we recorded two songs to my poems:

And a little bit later on, we joined our tandem with a German composer that you know very well – Dieter Geike is known all over the world. And we recorded a song like this:

I hope you enjoy these songs.
In the near future I plan to publish a collection of song lyrics. The book will be called “Ballads”. I hope that you will like it. It will look something like this


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