Smart puzzles for smart kids
Smart puzzles for smart kids

Smart puzzles for smart kids

Colleagues, I want to share my joy – my new children’s book “Smart Riddles for Smart Children” has been released on the Ridero platform

This is not the first book of riddles that I presented for children over six years old (6 +), although the book indicates an even older age. So, back in 2020, Musk’s publishing house released the book “Solving Riddles with Children,” and in 2021, Ridero and Author Today published the second book “Entertaining Riddles for Children.” Both books attracted interest from children and their parents. You can also familiarize yourself with them on the margins of the World Wide Web or purchase them in the format of a paper book in the Read City chain of stores.
This time, the book is aimed not only at allowing the child to highlight the main properties of the subject and indicate their features, but also so that he can depict these objects by coloring the illustrations presented in the publication. I have prepared a book of colors for you and your children. Now the child will be able to show his talents in this direction of artistic creativity.

I tried to make the riddles simple and interesting. All riddles are presented in a memorable poetic form and therefore the child can easily guess and learn them by heart. I believe that solving riddles is several times more interesting than reading a textbook on literature and much more useful than watching cartoons on TV. I hope that this book will appeal to you too.

In addition, I tried to make this book educational. It is designed to spark a discussion between the child and his parents, strengthening the authority of the latter and creating the basis for dialogue. That is, I wanted this book to serve the development of harmony and mutual understanding between all members of your extended family. I hope that you will like it, and you will close your eyes to the small roughness that is in it.


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