School student
School student

School student

Alas, a happy holiday has passed
Knowledge Day is the first of September.
A school student trudges to school
Forgetting what awaits his friends.

Forgotten summer fun
Hike to the river, barbecue,
Strict mother’s statements
Smiles full of love…

September, on the beautiful street,
While it’s still warm
And a classmate looks sad
To the park through a reflective window…

It’s time to sit down for lessons,
learn native Russian,
And for some reason disassemble the syllables,
Filling out a draft…

When the evening comes
He will put down his notebook,
And downloading a bestseller to the tablet,
Will dream about the future.

About how to become smart, adult,
Will go to distant lands
Where the sun’s rays are warm
Plays with a glare from the stream …

Nikita T (2020)


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