Samizdat vs Traditional publishing house
Samizdat vs Traditional publishing house

Samizdat vs Traditional publishing house

Recently, samizdat has begun to clog traditional publishing houses in terms of its sales volumes and there are weekly reasons for this, let’s consider them and understand why samizdat has become much more attractive than traditional book production.


As a rule, all publishers require exclusive rights to the author’s work. Has anyone asked the author himself how much interest he has in transferring such rights to “someone else’s uncle”? I don’t think this is justified from any point of view. The rights must remain with the author in any case. That is why I am in favor of non-exclusive rights. And so – see for yourself and think for yourself…


A traditional publisher takes a lot of time to prepare a book for print. It can take up to three or five years. During this time the book may no longer be relevant. In addition, the world around us may change, and people may worry about other things. When you publish in samizdat, you understand that the book will see the light immediately, immediately after publication.

Editing and typesetting

This is a hallmark of any publisher. However, you can order these services from samizdat portals for not so much money and you can always find a freelancer to assist you.

In-store distribution.

This is actually a big plus for traditional publishing houses. But if you have enough connections you can always get your books into bookstores. I assure you. It just takes the will. Also, samizdat portals have started to offer such services, levelling this advantage of traditional publishing houses.


It should be noted that traditional publishing houses don’t do much advertising. This is why they are interested in promoted “names” and authors. In samizdat everything is much easier and an author can become popular much faster than by following the traditional beaten path. The world is dynamic, and advertising opportunities abound.


I don’t think it depends on where you publish. It usually depends on your connections in certain circles. So if you want your work to be adapted, you have to hang out and network in venues where writers, not novelists or book authors, hang out.


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