Russian Fiction Trends
Russian Fiction Trends

Russian Fiction Trends

As the administrator of the Russian Science Fiction portal on vk, I want to notice the following trends in the Russian-language fantasy market:

  • the TOP 50 best Russian-speaking writers in the field of science fiction are not supported on any resource (portal) – the latest research on this issue was carried out in 2018;
  • there are very few practical articles about Russian science fiction and the problems that authors face, and those articles that are available are somewhat reminiscent of advertising booklets of a certain group of writers, whom everyone knows well anyway;
  • interesting reviews of modern books in the field of science fiction can be read on a couple of resources, which include AT;
  • I would like to note that books in Russian are written not only by citizens of the Russian Federation, but also by citizens of the former and far abroad, including Ukraine, and this percentage is significant;
  • unfortunately, there are not as many books in the field of science fiction as we would like, mostly the authors write entertainment literature aimed at the mass media;
  • It is gratifying to note a rather large percentage of female authors who write works in the fantasy genre, this percentage is increasing from year to year.
  • in the Russian market of printed publications in the field of science fiction, there is a dominance of foreigners with poor translation and a low level of writing skills


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