Ridero vs Litres
Ridero vs Litres

Ridero vs Litres

I’ve been using Litres and Ridero for over a year now, and as a result of my cooperation I’d like to compare the two services from a user’s point of view.

Interaction interface

Liters has relied on the Selfpub service, which is quite rigorous, precise and understandable. The book is uploaded in word format. However, the managers and editors of the service have certain requirements for text documents. Not all authors are able to adjust their text to these requirements and they encounter minor difficulties. As a rule, these difficulties are easily resolved. The only difficulty is uploading your own cover art, every time you have to prove that it is not plagiarized, and this is stressful…

Ridero develops its own service which allows you to preprint a book and let the user see what kind of print edition they have. In my opinion, this concept is more correct. In addition, Ridero can sell advanced typesetting customizations and that brings the company some profit. Ridero has its own requirements for the titles it hosts, but they are more lenient than those of Litres.

The only plus of Litres is the opportunity to place the audiobook for free, but this service is still in its infancy and what will be in the future is not clear. Reader’s placement of audiobooks is paid and is not affordable for users according to the price of the question.

Affiliate programs

In spite of the fact that both services develop affiliate programs, the affiliate portfolio of Litres is wider than that of Ridero. However, the right choice of partners allows users to earn more money through Ridero’s partners. Besides, Ridero’s reporting gives you an understanding of which partner is used to sell your editions at the most. For example through the partner of Ridero willdberies I sold about 9 books and so this partner I pay more attention than others.

The quality of the print products

If Litres can sell printed books starting from 30 pieces, Ridero doesn’t have such strict requirements. In this connection any author can buy 1-2 pilot copies of his editions to correct mistakes that appeared in printing and in my opinion this is a big plus. Besides, the quality of printing at Ridero is higher than that of Litres and in this connection I do all the printed books that I make for myself and my friends there…


I must say that Lietres has much more advertising services than Ridero and they cost much less, so from the point of view of advertising it is better to use this service, it clearly wins over its nearest competitor. The only advantage of Ridero is the wide participation in book fairs. I think that such participation is economically justified.

Technical Support

In terms of technical support, Ridero undoubtedly wins, their managers are very correct and friendly. Technical support at Litres has no friendly charisma. The only plus of Litres is their own technical support platform where they can indicate priorities for helping the authors and the author can see how quickly he gets help from this platform. In my opinion it is correct and very convenient…


Considering that Litres is still more popular than Ridero, earnings are higher for most users. However, by building proper interaction with Ridero’s services I achieved that I raise more money with this service than with its closest competitor. Therefore, the amount of royalties everyone earns will be different… Some will have more on Litres, and some will have more on Ridero. It all depends on how you are treated by managers of this or that service and your talent as a writer and user of the service.

Go for it and I believe everything will work out for you!


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