Rideró celebrates decade and sums up 2023
Rideró celebrates decade and sums up 2023

Rideró celebrates decade and sums up 2023

Rideró celebrates decade and sums up 2023

I have been collaborating with Ridero for four years and of course I could not pass by this news on the World Wide Web. Moreover, according to the results of an independent survey in which more than 500 people have taken part to date https://booksnt.ru/blog/опрос/samizdat/ the Ridero publishing portal has entered the top three most popular samizdat portals on the www.booksnt.ru website, along with the Litres publishing service and the Author Today portal.

Let’s talk about numbers

I think that the numbers that led to Ridero are correct and fair. As this publishing service writes, more than 765 thousand people are registered in it. In 2023, 86,123 new users came to the platform, which amounted to 12% of the increase for the year. The total number of publications presented today at Rideró is 132,790 book titles. In 2023, 14,657 new books were published, which is 3 thousand more than in 2022.

With all this, Ridero has obvious shortcomings that do not allow this service to take first position in the specified samizdat portal rating, losing to the Litres portal palm. First of all, this applies to the new format of books, which is rapidly gaining an audience. We are talking about audiobooks. Unlike the closest competitors, the placement of audiobooks is paid here.

Neither Litres nor Author Today charge money for such a placement, and only Ridero charges money in the amount of 10-15% of the cost of making an audiobook. I think that this is a strategic mistake of the service, which will prevent him from gaining a new dedicated reading and writing audience.

So why am I working with this service?

The fact is that Ridero never deceives anyone when paying royalties. In 2023, the Russian division of Rideró paid the authors 30 million 244 thousand rubles in royalties, which is 20% more than in 2022. My numbers are very, very modest, but they also delight me.

In addition, readers and authors are attracted by the fact that they can order the required number of printed books (on demand) of quite high quality through this service. Everyone who has been printed or is going to be printed here knows about it, and this is one of the main advantages of this service.

Ridero opinion

This is what Ridero marketers write about this. “Ten years ago, when we entered the market, the authors were very worried about how to make their books sell in the online store. Our independent samizdat authors simply did not have such opportunities. And we were the first to give them this opportunity and put their books on mass sale next to books published in traditional publishers. And both electronically and in paper form. The latter became a reality thanks to the “print-on-demand” technology, which we were the first to bring to Russia and make it available and massive. And the reader can now order a paper version of the book even in one copy, and the author does not have to invest in the circulation, since the interested reader pays for printing.

Our suggestion was: “You get the option of not paying for pre-press, as we have free automatic layout and a simple online editor. You don’t have to pay for distribution. No need to pay for ISBN. Of course, you can order additional services, but this is not obligatory.”

Marketing flaws

Separately, I want to write about the marketing activities of this service. They are rather weak and inferior to the closest competitor – Litres. Participation in exhibitions is not economically justified. The same can be written about competitions, among my acquaintances there is no one whom this portal would note or seriously promote. The only thing worth mentioning is this attempt to train authors. The idea itself is wonderful, but the technical part is not yet at the level. In particular, many references to articles lead us to those materials that are outdated and require updating.

My wishes for the Ridero service

What would I like to wish this service on the anniversary of its decade? First of all, more often communicate with authors and readers and listen to constructive criticism. Secondly, follow the best practices of your closest competitors and adopt them. I would like to wish this portal success and creative finds. No need to stop there – you need to move forward. And only then will this service be able to break away from its closest competitors and will be able to rightfully become the number one portal on the samizdat market.


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