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    Vladimir. Feedback on the website and its work on the Internet

    I can only evaluate from a technical point of view because I did not come across this site in a dense one, but since I minted it here, I must write at least something. Unfortunately, visually, I cannot determine which engine the site works on, but this is not important because it works and works quite well.

    I will say that the site is not small, i.e. not the kind of site where they put a few words about themselves and think that they have a full-fledged site)). If from a technical point of view, the site at 4, perhaps with a small minus, but it is possible … Opens quickly – almost instantly, both from the phone and from a computer. There is nothing malicious on the site. The site was used tag H – this is good because they love search robots like Yandex and Google. The site has a SSL certificate, although it can not surprise anyone in recent times, but it is cool. The owner of the site must pay for this certificate separately, if a person has paid for it, it means he is counting on the long life of the site. SSL certificate protects data on the site (encrypts), so no one can intercept it – a kind of care about the visitors and it counts! The only thing kind of bad – is that to date the site is very difficult to find on the key phrases in a search for Yandex and Google, namely, the phrases associated with the site. Either this is because the admin does not promote his site, or because he is still young. Perhaps a little later I will write something more. I will observe, maybe someone will write something useful, and then I will add.

    Published reviews

    Natalya Gertsen’s review of Nikita T’s fantasy novel “The Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”

    “When reading science fiction, you always catch yourself thinking: “Would you like to see a film based on this book?” In the case of the work “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” by Nikita T, the answer is unequivocal – yes. A well-thought-out plot, deep knowledge of history, presentation of material, good, competent language allow you to enjoy reading, and the description is worthy of seeing everything on a wide screen. The novel is on the verge of fantasy and adventure detective. There is in it the line of Paul Legre, there is the line of Sergeant SI 121, there are others. So, the line of detective Francois de Bolon and the daughter of Paul Legré will probably be attractive to a female audience.

    It can hardly be argued that one of the heroes dominates. And this is not bad, given the declared genre.

    Urban descriptions, as well as descriptions of the jungle, suggest that the author has repeatedly visited the places he writes about. A wide range of knowledge, passion for narration along with the logic of presentation, the vision of a clearly built system becomes a sign of the author’s style. Poetry of a distant expedition coupled with the fighting genre, which also makes the plot fascinating.

    The setting in which the action takes place is very diverse. This is Paris, and the jungles of Cambodia and the planet Delta. Transitions, as an idea, are not completely new, but are played in a new way in the book. The author does not endow people and humanoids with similarities physically and intellectually. He makes a very obvious watershed – they are different. And the author also does not see the future in trans-transitions, and therefore the natural development of events is the destruction of one of them on a single planet.

    It is interesting to read the battle between the “guest” and the earthling – a humanoid and Li Zhou. Here there is no savoring of the details of “mutual killing”, but the author also leaves the conventions. The fight is so detailed that it reads like a documentary and seems to take you back to the days of “defense” fiction.

    In this book, the writer does not aim to show the world of the earth as a system with many options for the development of events, which distinguishes him from other authors. Alien worlds, strange and incomprehensible, are as alien as the human worlds on earth, otherwise there would not be so many contradictions, at the heart of which loneliness or madness is hidden.

    Recommended reading.”

    I remind you that the work “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” is a continuation of the cult novel by Nikita T “Gifts of the Gods”

    Review of the novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo” (reviewed by Sandra Z. Hiberna)

    The overall impression of the book is a dynamic story dedicated to the interweaving of the destinies of both ordinary people / aliens, and the fate of the Earth.

    The plot is built around two seemingly unrelated events: the disease of bees and the gate between worlds. Only the first leads to the second, and the second is the secret of an alien race that may be responsible for the first!

    Heroes. There are quite a few of them in the novel, and they operate on different planets and at different ends of the galaxy. Some meet each other and others never. Some die, others find love. Let me highlight some of the characters.

    1) Human race

    What I didn’t understand was how old is François? What time do French police officers retire? He François is divorced and doesn’t seem to get along very well with the opposite sex. Francois is an individualist, appreciates personal space and the right to keep his secrets. He does not like the ubiquity of Internet technology. Only this process cannot be stopped, it also affects how François herself as a detective will be able to investigate. During the investigation, François found out an amazing thing that the bees became aggressive and dangerous, attacking first. Probably, before that, he did not really care about the fate of the bees, but François was so fascinated by Paul’s notes that he was worried about this problem. But does François know where Paul has gone? My first thought was that the entomologists’ observation of the bees might expose the Nagas, so they kidnapped Paul. Only it turned out not to be so. One thread leads to another thread, and the next witness is a pharmaceutical company that paid for Paul’s expedition. Thanks to them, the detective was able to trace the approximate route of Paul’s expedition. It seems to me that, following him, François and Co. are more sightseeing than searching!Jacqueline is young, really loves her father, takes care of him. It feels genuine anxiety for his fate. Her father, Paul, looks like a science fanatic! Jacqueline and Co. were lucky in many ways, and they quite accurately located the place of her father’s disappearance. Obviously, they did not believe the shaman’s story, but, as we have seen, everything is possible in this world. Especially the romance of Jacqueline and Francois. expected. What is their age difference?

    Paul has entered another world. And all because of the bees! And how surprising that a computer worked there, albeit from solar panels. However, Paul and his friend still had to live like Robinsons. The planet turned out to be unfriendly. Paul does not lose heart, his dream came true, and he met an alien race. But will he be able to return to Earth and tell about it … I think this “journey” of the Field will not remain without a trace for the Earth. Here is such an open contact with an alien civilization – a truly turning point in the life of the Earth. And I turned out to be right. The impact of the Field on the Delta led to positive consequences: the Earth came out from under the unconditional prectorate of the Nagas. I only hope that the other races do not quarrel over the possibility of possessing it.

    — Adrian is observant, thinks quickly. Paul and Adrian are experimenters, but what do you want to do when you find yourself in another world, in the bosom of a wild nature alien to man. What a pity that in the end Adrian died! He seemed like a decent person to me. Now Paul is upset, saddened and depressed by the death of a friend. After that, the walk ceased to seem like entertainment to him, and he decided to return home. It’s a miracle that he found his way back to the supposed location of the Ta Keo Gate. And it seems that the ruins of the temple were in two worlds at the same time: both on Earth and on the Delta. Only the Earth met him not very friendly. No matter how the Khmer Rouge turned out to be more dangerous than alien flora and fauna! Then I got worried if the Khmer Rouge would kill Paul, but everything worked out!Stephen speaks very highly of Francois, admires, respects him. Of course, these feelings can be called friendship, but I would not say that. More like some kind of worship. It can be seen that Stephen responsibly approaches the mission assigned to him (accompany Francois on a dangerous journey).

    — Li Zhou is purposeful, ambitious, eager to become famous. Only he made a bet on, at first glance, a ghostly phenomenon – a trans-transition. Once he missed the “guinea pigs”, but he was lucky again! And in the end, it was not in vain that Li Zhou was looking for the gate for so long! The card didn’t lie. He really has a chance to become famous, unless he gets caught by Nagas or Garhi. Lucky first, only Li Zhou eventually saved the Earth from an alien invasion. Just what could a lone alien do?

    2) Nagas. They look like an aggressive race, striving for world domination. Do they look like half-humans, half-snakes? According to Garhov, they are cruel, do not know how to appreciate life on the planets under their control. Nagas are militarists, priority is the army. I think their weaponry is superior to other races.

    Gideon strikes me as a cunning and patient character, but he is a simple performer. Gideon is cautious, concerned about the fate of his nation, its greatness and prosperity. But the failure of the Delta operation ruined his career.SI 121 active, active, enterprising, responsible for the service. In chapter 14 on SI 12, the most important thought seems to me to be the fact that the discovery of a certain abandoned temple was associated with the opening of a gate between worlds. This became the trump card of the Nagas. How furious they must be when the people (Paul and Adrian) also found the transvert! It seems that his SI 121 career may suffer a little, his mission to capture people in the Delta is under threat due to the fact that Garhi found them so quickly. And in the end, the SI-121 could not sneak onto the planet unnoticed. Like Gideon, I think this Delta invasion could be a casus belli. As a result, SI 121 turned out to be not such a talented commander, since he could not cope with the fortifications of the Garh colonists, and then died, although he was able to destroy the gates of Ta Keo.

    3) Garhi. A pragmatic and thoughtful race. Be careful. In chapter 29, the Garhi do not look like experienced fighters, losing to the Nagas in combat training.Norman had a difficult fate, he is purposeful and ready to achieve his goal. Now he holds a high position. He seems to me a brave Garh with an active life position. Norman is engaged in the matter of strengthening the defense on the Delta with all responsibility. He obviously will not run, showing his back to the enemy. Norman, being under the mortal threat of Naga attacks, does not intend to surrender and is looking for ways to save the colony. Brave Garh!

    Big Ben distinguished himself by outplaying the Nagas and finding the earthlings first! It is expected that they had problems with communication. Too bad he died at the end.

    The language and style are simple, without any special means of expression.

    Reliability. Blaming alien races for global warming and other cataclysms… Good excuse.

    Fantastic assumption. No one can 100% deny that other civilizations exist. What is described in the novel may well be, but humanity is not at all ready for contact.

    Psychology of relations. Not to say that the novel focuses on the psychological component. However, we can safely highlight the theme of friendship, family values ​​and patriotism.

    The main idea of ​​the text. Not everything is what it seems.

    Originality is above average. I liked many of the plot moves, and it was also nice to enjoy the illustrations that fit the meaning. This greatly enlivened the text.

    Errors and blunders – sent to the Author in hp Main problems: punctuation (commas in complex sentences, highlighting introductory words, etc.), tautology and repetitions of the same words, etc.

    Demand. I believe that after careful proofreading, the book will easily find its audience. These can be people 16+ who are interested in exciting adventures, history and geography of the countries of the Earth.

    Your feelings. The book reads briskly, although some places are overloaded with digressions from the plot that have little to do with the main story. The characters are diverse, their actions look logical. They have different characters, which can be seen from their actions, but the speech of most of them is very similar. Also, I did not have enough descriptions of the appearance of the characters. A significant place in the novel is the display of places where events take place, which I like. On the whole, the book seems to me quite promising.

    Review of the user with the nickname TSV on the book “Secrets of the ocean depths”

    The novel “”Secrets of the ocean depths”” is one of the books in a trilogy about the adventures of CIA agent Steven Cheesecaine, his family and friends. I would like to note that having read all three novels, I can safely say that I liked this book the most. Apparently, the author expanded his horizons and was able to describe the events that took place on Earth and in space in the most refined and entertaining way. The plot has become more dynamic. The confrontation with the forces of evil is more understandable and colorful. Moreover, I in no way want to belittle the merits of the author and his works – “Gifts of the Gods” and “Heavenly Gates of Ta Keo.”
    Due to the fact that we all will not go abroad soon, the Russians will be interested in describing the landscapes of Western Europe (primarily Portugal and France), Mexico and the United States. The book is filled with colorful descriptions of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and above all those of them that are located near Portugal and Spain.
    I would also like to note that the author managed to successfully combine pictures of the past and the present, and the description of the shipwreck in general deserves a separate assessment, and I would put five for it. Also, I liked the descriptions taken from the lives of Catholic priests. Apparently the author was once in Italy and could see the life of adherents of the Catholic faith.
    Negative characters deserve special praise. The theme of combat fiction and the presence of a reptilian race on Earth is not new, but here it is appropriate and makes this novel more lively and dynamic. The scenes of the battle in Paris leave an aftertaste of gunpowder on the lips… Especially in light of the events taking place in the east of Ukraine…
    It’s hard for me to classify this book into any genre. There is also a detective-romantic line here, and at the same time there are elements of combat fantasy. On the whole, the book makes a favorable impression. Although it was not without small errors. Especially in the confusion when describing Spanish warships. However, I will not judge the author too harshly and will put him 4+ for this work. I encourage you to read this book and give it your own rating.

    Review of the collection of poetry for children “Entertaining riddles for children” by Nika Shadova

    It seems to me that children’s literature is undeservedly neglected in today’s world. There is a catastrophic shortage of good literature. It feels like children don’t even have a childhood as such. There is no magic, waiting for a miracle … Something quite extraordinary. Everything is banal and simple. It should not be so …

      Puzzles for kids - it's fine. But why just for the little ones? I'm sure adults will be happy to take part in them and wiggle their brains. Spending time together with children and common interests - worthy of respect and attention.
      In your collection collected a completely different items for the presence of unraveling. Living, not alive ... It is interestingly chosen pictures to illustrate the riddles, helping to make one or another inference.
      Pleasant to remember my childhood. I myself had a little book "100 Riddles". Recalling it, you feel pleasant nostalgia, a slight sadness, nostalgia for the past time. Memories came flooding back... I still love the work of Kornei Chukovsky. This extraordinarily gifted man.
     Your rhyme is perfectly all right. You're good with it. It's not complicated, it doesn't confuse, and on the contrary, you get a lot of pleasure from reading it. They say it's like eating sunflower seeds. One and done ... Two and a new mystery. 
     It is very good that you write for children. Such cute, cute, in their own way charming riddles can easily be inserted into textbooks for younger grades. I'm sure kids will like them and get interested, making the learning process more vivid and creating a "twist" of sorts. It is so important not to lose interest in knowledge. As we learned from school: "Knowledge is light." 
     Create something new ... What you are doing is wonderful, and I am sure that it will not pass without a trace for your little readers. Everything has a beginning...and it is so important what is put in that young head. It seems to me that a person, too, will grow up to be kinder. And perhaps the world will be a little brighter and nicer.
      Thank you for your work.

    Review of the new collection of poems “A few lines about love” by Nika Shadova

    So I came to you … My respect. The theme of love, relationships is interesting and complex in its own way. You did a good job of transferring and translating your thoughts and feelings into rhyme, turning them into poems. Thoughts in poetic form are definitely admirable. It’s pretty hard. Somehow I happened to participate in the game “Burime” and it was terrible. The lyrics are clearly not mine. And I am sincerely surprised at people who are able to write them.
    How wonderful it is when the author gets drunk not from wine, but from love. The love of each of us transforms, makes it better in its own way (the truth is the same, and love is different). Time leaves its mark on people. What time – such feelings. Why be surprised? It’s like a natural outcome. No more and no less. True love is as rare as friendship or humanity. It elevates or it can lower to the bottom of the abyss. Thinking aloud… What is more important for a person: Faith, Hope, or is it Love? Can he live without them?
    The last romantics are dying out like mammoths. Alas and ah. This is undeniably upsetting. Apparently for this reason it is so pleasant to read sincere and pure poems. Of all, I liked “You are my desired morning” the most. Beautiful, melodious, smooth… As if reminiscent of a romance or melody.
    Let me compare you to Dante. As he sang to his Beatrice, so do you to your muse and beloved. This cannot but touch, since it so happened that we all read your collection. It’s even kind of awkward. Not everyone dares to show their tender feelings. Sometimes it seems that now they have generally forgotten such words as: tenderness, meekness, charm … Everything becomes gray and surprisingly somehow colorless.
    May your muse continue to illuminate you, just like a guiding star, and you will delight us with new poems. Love is spring and holiday. It’s up to whoever. Lottery? Not really. It all depends on us, no matter how strange it may sound. True, not everyone recognizes this.
    Create, love and be happy.

    Review of the book “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality” from the portal “Rating of e-books R BOOK ME”

    Dear fans of literature, I want to tell you about the book “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality”, written by a popular Russian writer Nikita T. I think it will make you distracted and with interest plunge into its content, that is to plunge into such state as “reading the book without tearing off until the last page”. A series of events that the characters in this work, surrounds them with new problems, forcing them to take part in new adventures. The book has both subtle psychology and a good and very unusual concept. You’ll see some amazing plot twists and interjections here. For the sophisticated reader who has read many popular science books and is very curious, this book can undoubtedly be useful, as it allows you to get information about new geographical regions of the world and those unusual institutions that exist in different countries. The reader is inevitably immersed in the unique atmosphere of the book, in which the characters of this work live, with their own complex characters, problems and successes. It is not easy to understand what the appeal of this work, but even the most sophisticated reader, up to the final page, is unlikely to understand all the twists and turns of the plot of this work. Everything here is mixed – black and white, good and evil, there are antagonisms, and therefore this work should not be judged in terms of traditional morality. Everything is much more complicated and confusing. Absolutely all the characters of the work have to get into difficult life situations, which will surprise the reader and cause him new emotions. By the finale of the novel, all the action speeds up, assumptions are not confirmed, and new twists and turns appear. I don’t have the words to describe them all and this time to accurately set the point. One can feel the author’s desire to break out of the ordinary, to bring more originality and unconventionality. I would like to note that the author also pays attention to secondary characters, adding in various places the basis of the plot, they fit perfectly into the development of the novel. The book “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality” by the writer Nikita T is amazing, I think that it is definitely worth reading this work online, as there is an interesting plot and plot – which will amaze you just as much as it amazed us.

    Livelibe review of the book “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer”

    Date of issue: January 11, 2023

    Age limit: 18 +

    Size: 258 pp

    ISBN: 978-5-0059-4789-5


    The novel is incredibly relevant. It intersects with those events that occur in the modern world. A certain group of financial magnates wants to seize power over the world through various methods: wars, epidemics, by creating secret prisons. They are opposed by ordinary people who care about the fate of this unfortunate world. These people are engaged in revealing the truth with the help of a popular website. Articles from this site are spread all over the world and affect people’s souls. The financial tycoons want to shut the mouth of the truth. Doesn’t this sound so familiar? Such events are taking place in the society.


    The plot of the work is consistent and multifaceted. Until the very last moment, the reader does not know how the story ends. There is a detective line, and fantasy, and reality. Everything is mixed in a single cocktail. If you can reveal all the secrets of this work, I will be very surprised. Just like the classics, Bulgakov, Pushkin and Lermontov, this work is multidimensional. Even experienced readers will not be able to pick up all the layers in one reading.


    There are several main characters in the work, and each of them is deftly described. The character of the protagonist is revealed through his dreams. In it the hero is confronted with a terrible hydra and the more heads he cuts off, the more terrible becomes this monster and only with the help of his friends he manages to defeat this monster. The same thing happens in real life and the hero will have to fight with real killers who want only one thing – to take his life.

    Recommendations to the author.

    I think the author should definitely write a sequel to this work. It ends at the most interesting place and we do not know how the story ends. Also, the author needs to pay more attention to the secondary characters. There are too many of them and readers may get confused – confuse the main characters with the minor ones. Listing some of the science is tedious and I would have shortened those passages. Overall, I would recommend this work for reading. I think it will appeal to the careful reader, especially those who enjoy the detective genre.


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