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Quotes from books

Quotes from books

Ken looked at Stephen and offered him a cigarette, even though he knew Stephen didn’t smoke. But such were the laws of hospitality and respect between employees of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

– But I’ll smoke,” said Warren, cutting off the tip of his cigarette and looking piercingly at his interlocutor. He put the cigar to his lips and lit it spectacularly with a lighter. It was an old habit of his. – It was something he used to do when he was a young man and did serious investigative and operational work himself. He had changed, but some of his old habits remained.

– I hear you’re going on vacation. I’m ready to sign the papers, but you have to do one little errand for me.

Stephen tensed up. When Warren offered to run a small errand, such errands sometimes stretched over several months. And one of his little errands had even stretched over several years and had most recently ended with the capture of a group of Latin American criminals carrying a large shipment of drugs into the United States from Mexico. And so the vacation trip to the Maldives was once again postponed.

Nikita T’s novel Gifts of the Gods”

The Angkor Wat Monument was built on the shores of Tonlesap Lake. The Khmer considered this lake to be the “Cambodian Inland Sea.” In fact, Tonlesap was the largest reservoir of the Indochina Peninsula, from which the famous Mekong River flowed. Paul told his companions that the locals also call this lake the heart of Cambodia. Changing the size of the lake during ebb and flow outwardly resembled heart contractions. Jacqueline liked the comparison and thought it was quite romantic.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”

“John was stunned. The experiment that Winston demonstrated made a very strong impression on him.

– And how far did you get? – he asked his interlocutor.

– Have you managed to find a visualizer, which would be a new step in human evolution?

– Unfortunately, there are not as many people with very strong energies as we originally thought. Besides, the prototype was created recently, and therefore such experiments have not yet been conducted,” answered Winston, who was glad that his old friend had shared with him a share of the secret information that had plagued him for the past two years.

Nikita T’s novel “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality”

The men stood in ambush and prepared to attack. Now the village was guarded by only four fighters. It was a patrol that was posted just in case. It was necessary to kill the guards and take the enemy by surprise. At one time they were well trained, and they knew how to do it. Stephen silently pointed to the nearest guard.

“François, you can handle him,” he whispered.

“Of course I can,” said François.

“Then I’ll try to deal with the machine gunner,” Cheesekane stated and pointed to the patrolman who was sitting in ambush, stroking a small heavy machine gun.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”

It was evening. The heavy and cold waves of the Atlantic Ocean, one after another, rolled on board the Spanish galleon “Santa Lucia of Castile”, trying to turn over the heavily loaded ship. The sun tried to hide behind the horizon, and its rays hardly made their way through the dense veil of clouds. The sky was covered with gray clouds, which did not bode well for the crew of this clumsy sailing galleon, accidentally caught in bad weather.

A light southeasterly wind drove the clouds from West to East. There was no gap between the clouds and it seemed that the sun would never peek over the horizon. Everything indicated that a strong storm would begin at night and the boatswain urged on the slow sailors, lowering the sails to the lower deck of the ship. The removed sails, one by one, were fastened with ropes to the side of this wooden vessel. This required the coordinated actions of the sailors and line officers of the galleon, who commanded their subordinates. Everyone was busy with their usual business. Even the boatswain, having given up command, began to help the sailors, to fix the huge linen panels lowered onto the lower deck of the ship. We had to hurry. Everyone understood that bad weather and a storm awaited them at night. The loss of sails could make the ship unmanageable.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”

Steven had also heard about this story. After the release of the film The Mummy, everyone was interested in what happened to the close and distant relatives of Pharaoh Akhenaten, whose name was deleted from the history of Egypt for several centuries.

— It seems to me that this is true, Stephen replied. Judging by the cartouche of Pharaoh Aye on the blue faience handle from her tomb, she may have belonged to his family. This fact, apparently, was hidden, since a family connection with the inner circle of the pharaoh-reformer Akhenaten could compromise the queen of the ancient kingdom. For some reason, the people wanted to erase the memory of this great ruler of antiquity. Only one temple of this pharaoh has survived, and even then by accident.

“Documents from the Makovsky folder, to one degree or another, concerned this amazing pharaoh,” said Daria. Didn’t it seem strange to you? she remarked.

Stephen considered. The figure of the pharaoh-reformer has not been studied well enough. And his children died too early to have detailed information about them. In addition, people tried to forget about this person. His name was preserved only in oral folk art, and in some places it was carved on stones and sculptural sculptures.

Nikita T’s novel Gifts of the Gods”

Isaak Moiseevich wanted to make sure of her qualifications, and this could be done only by discussing the real picture of the disease of these extraordinary patients. Vera Ivanovna opened the first case that lay on top and looked at the photograph of the creature that was depicted on it.

– What it is? she asked and showed the photo to the director.

– Here is the first patient you will need to deal with, – said Isaac Moiseevich. This is Sanyok – Alexander Anatolyevich Fursov, aka Alexandra Anatolyevna Fursova. Since childhood, he had serious mental disorders that led to a split personality. And in order to feel like something whole, he inspired himself with a certain attitude that he was an alien creature that had no sex and began to strive for this, modernizing his body. In the future, constant experiments on his physical body led to paradoxical results. He began to resemble a certain mystical character from a horror movie, and they really began to mistake him for an alien who had descended to earth from another planet or arrived from another galaxy. Isn’t it true that his appearance is extraordinary? He asked.

Vera Ivanovna once again looked at the photograph of Sergei Anatolyevich. This character’s entire face was tattooed. The man stuck out his tongue, which writhed and resembled something like a snake, as it was cut into two halves. She undoubtedly agreed with the conclusions made by the director of the clinic. Appearance betrayed a mentally ill person.

On opposite sides of the tattooed forehead were two huge bumps. The man had such an extravagant appearance that she surprised even Vera Ivanovna Maslova, despite the fact that she managed to see a variety of patients during her work in clinical residency, which she recently completed in St. Petersburg.

How many of these patients do we have? she asked Isaac Moiseevich.

“We have about a hundred patients who are in a closed hospital, but most patients have a completely normal appearance, and it does not differ from the appearance of ordinary Russian citizens,” the director answered and asked Vera Ivanovna to look at the cases of other patients of the clinic, of which there were still very, very many.

Nikita T’s novel “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality”

It was in Pakistan that he was taught to kill people. The first time this happened was when he was sent to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. The instructor who taught him to shoot from a rifle with an optical sight suggested that he shoot at the border guards who were guarding the state border. These were Afghans loyal to the then leader of Afghanistan. Ken took aim and fired at the youngest of the soldiers. He was well trained. The bullet hit a man he didn’t know right in the forehead. The Afghan fell to his knees, and his comrades immediately rushed to him. However, it was already too late. They couldn’t help him. The man died on the spot.

In the future, Ken became a sniper who fought with Soviet soldiers. These soldiers were professionals, but they had to fight with numerous mercenaries who climbed like cockroaches from the territory of neighboring states. It was impossible to wage war under such conditions.

Nikita T’s novel “The Visualizer or Man – Changing Reality”

On the wide steps of the portico of Crania, a group of wealthy Greek citizens of Corinth are talking. Among them stands out the stocky philosopher Diogenes. Next to him, in a richly decorated tunic, stands the aristocrat Xeniades, supporting the already elderly philosopher by the hand. A little further away is a small group of Greek youth, who listens with interest to the philosopher, sometimes inserting their caustic remarks. Dionysius listens attentively to Diogenes and his father Xeniades. He is a tall young man in an ornate gold tunic. He is the eldest and favorite son of the patrician Xeniades, who recently came to his father from Athens. His friends are standing next to him. This is a freedman – the slave Monim of Syracuse and the Scythian bodyguard Volodymyr, who is a little older than Dionysius and came with him from Athens. Men argue and talk noisily among themselves.

Quote from the play “Diogenes”, which is included in the collection “The Marriage of Poseidon”

Usually Stephen could tell at once, by eye, the ex-Soviet citizens. Their gait, their manner of feigned surprise at the assortment of downtown stores, and their wild, caveman Russophobia made them stand out. No one spoke so badly about their country as former Russian or Soviet citizens. This was especially true of the loud-mouthed liberals, whom Stephen sometimes encountered at social gatherings held by CIA agents. They hated the government and officials and always emphasized it. They also spoke ill of the country in which they lived. There seemed to be no other topic of conversation than the criminal policies of the Russian establishment at the helm of the state. Stephen never sought to keep them company, as the internal regulations of the CIA demanded. He did not like traitors. Besides, it was none of his business. He had his own tasks for which he was responsible to his superiors, and talking to Soviet citizens was not part of his duties. Even now he would not have met with Makovsky if his immediate superior had not asked him to do so.

Nikita T’s novel Gifts of the Gods”

The treasury had recently been empty, and so any source of replenishing its meager supply was appropriate. Pope Ubran VII, recently elected, was a rare miser and had neither the love nor the respect of the clergy, much less that of his hungry chamberlain. His pockets had long ago become leaky and he had no money even for food. Sometimes he lacked money even for the purchase of incomparable works of art brought in by Venetian merchants. And he suffered greatly from this.

– Michael, see what else we can offer the antiquary and set me a meeting with him for tomorrow at twelve o’clock in the afternoon,” ordered the chamberlain.

-We have only a few Vedic works seized in Poland, as well as maps of Marco Polo, made by him during his long journey to Tartary and Cathay in 1271,” replied the novice. These maps are controversial and therefore the Pope treats them with great skepticism.

– I think that Vedic literature should be destroyed, but the maps may be useful, – said the chamberlain. Bring them to me tomorrow morning and I will try to bargain with the old Jew, – the cameraman answered. If it works out and you get something from me. He was in a fine mood today. He did not often feel this way lately, except when a good deal of profit was looming in front of him.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Secrets of the Ocean Depths”

“Good to see you,” Polok told the sergeant, who was walking up to his cabin at the time. I don’t have much time and I will be able to give you only some twenty or thirty septims, no more. The ship is approaching the orbit of the planet and I need to be present in the steering so that we integrate into its orbit, and not fly into interstellar space. Polok, as always, joked and exaggerated. He has long picked up a reliable and proven team and his presence in the steering was superfluous. In addition, the work of the officers was controlled by the dispatcher and AI servers, and in the event of the slightest deviation from the given orbit, an alarm signal was immediately sent to the captain.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”

The music was lulling, and Daria did not notice how she fell into a deep and restless dream. As a child, she was called a dormouse for being able to sleep anywhere, in any vehicle, including her father’s car. She woke up only from the fact that the plane let go of the landing gear and everyone began to clap.

Nikita T’s novel Gifts of the Gods”

Studying the records made by a scientific entomologist regarding the infection of bees, Francois de Beaulon caught himself thinking that they concern not only bees, but also other living creatures living on Earth, including humans. The ecology of the planet was rapidly changing and the number of infectious diseases was increasing all the time. Moreover, some diseases began to disturb not only insects and animals, but also people.

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Heaven’s Gate Ta Keo”


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