Quote from the novel Mission Osiris
Quote from the novel Mission Osiris

Quote from the novel Mission Osiris

Norman stood next to a small landing boat and watched as the paratroopers threw bales of weapons and provisions into the cargo compartment. There were about five such machines on the ship. They were designed to repel sudden attacks on a spacecraft, or landing on the surface of colonies – settlements. This time, one of the boats was involved in landing the first batch of scientists and military on the surface of the planet Silesia.

The commandos worked clearly and harmoniously. Large bales with cargo were transported on loaders to the cargo compartment and already there the soldiers unloaded them in stacks or in small batches on specially equipped regiments installed in its vast premises.

The disembarkation was scheduled for the morning. The military was in a hurry to load their own equipment and other equipment designed to study Silesia and conduct a number of scientific experiments on its surface. Scientists, like other civilian personnel of the ship, did not take part in the loading. Apparently they agreed to place their cargoes with Freddie Winston. Such deals were not approved by the command, but Normann turned a blind eye to this. Soldiers could do this work much faster and more accurately than scientists.


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