Quote from the novel Heavenly Gate Ta Keo
Quote from the novel Heavenly Gate Ta Keo

Quote from the novel Heavenly Gate Ta Keo

Gideon looked at the screen. In the upper right corner of the monitor was a green inscription indicating that someone wanted to contact him via a thought-communication channel. The designation was familiar. He could not be confused with anything

Catharsis called. Apparently the information was important. He did not like to bother the chief on trifles. Gideon, using a special toggle switch, turned on the communication sensor and heard the hoarse voice of his subordinate.

  • The supreme conqueror, I want to report to you that a signal has passed from the Earth about the operation of one of the two ancient portals, intended for instant transversions. And this speaks of the transshipment between neighboring worlds.

Someone from planet Earth has moved to one of the wild worlds that Garhi currently controls. The signal came from the planet Delta. As you know, this planet was discovered by them quite recently. However, our competitors managed to gain a good foothold on it. And it didn’t take them long. Unfortunately, we cannot keep up with our competitors.

Gideon was surprised. He had never heard before that there were portals of transversals on Earth for transiting to other planets. It was an unpleasant surprise.

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Novel Heavenly Gate Ta Keo


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