Quote from the novel “Gifts of the Gods”
Quote from the novel “Gifts of the Gods”

Quote from the novel “Gifts of the Gods”

As the guide said, in the 19th century BC, the pharaoh of the XII dynasty Amenemkhet III built a pyramid for himself near the city of Shedet. And the Labyrinth adjoined the pyramid, in which Sebek’s son, Petsuhos, was located. Unfortunately, the labyrinth has not survived to this day, but it was said that it had many rooms and passages and could easily be lost.

According to ancient Greek historians, the length of the labyrinth was about seventy kilometers. The Egyptians mummified not only people and pets, but also crocodiles. After the death of Petsuhos – his body was buried near the temple complex and the Egyptians revered this grave as well as they revered the relics of Christian and Muslim saints.

Before the burial, the crocodile’s body was mummified, and in its place in the maze, a new crocodile was placed and, thus, the cult of this terrible deity was maintained for a long time


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