Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Mission Osiris”
Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Mission Osiris”

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Mission Osiris”

The toddler unfurled his hiking belt and put the knives directly on the ground. These knives were the most real works of art. Strange glowing runes were engraved on their blades, and scenes from mammoth hunters’ lives were visible on the holder. Each knife had its own features, which said that they were made by hand. At the same time, the one who made them had a certain artistic taste.

Freddie took the largest knife and threw it to a small height. The knife flew up, rolled over and stuck into the ground. These knives had built-in eccentrics, and no matter how the owner threw them, they always stuck themselves into an obstacle with their point. This distinguished them from the edged weapons that his comrades had in service.
“Where does that wealth come from?” Asked Freddie Winston.
Knives like this were valued by the military and cost decent money. They could not be purchased in the store, and they were not in service with any of the armies known to him.
“Oh, it’s a long story,” Malysh said.

  • These knives I earned in battle. They are my trophy.

Quote from the novel “Mission Osiris”


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