Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Gifts of the Gods”
Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Gifts of the Gods”

Quote from Nikita T’s novel “Gifts of the Gods”

The novel “Gifts of the Gods” continues to excite readers. In many ways, his theses turned out to be prophetic. In this regard, I want to give one quote…

“In ancient times, important trade routes ran on the site of Mogadishu. Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula colonized Mogadishu at the end of the 9th century. Mogadishu soon became a regional center. While much of Somalia’s land was barren, the lands around Mogadishu were suitable for agriculture and could feed a significant local population and visitors to the city. It was also the northernmost point in East Africa, with a convenient natural cove. It was in this bay that a fast military boat and several high-speed motor boats were to wait for Ken. The boat even had a small gun capable of sinking small merchant ships. ” Nikita T (quote from the novel “Gifts of the Gods”)

It is no coincidence that the ships of the Pacific Fleet of Russia are now in the Gulf of Aden opposite the territory of this African state… It is the busiest sea route, after Ansar Alah (the Houthi group) blocked container traffic across the Red Sea…


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