Quote from my new novel “Mission Osiris”
Quote from my new novel “Mission Osiris”

Quote from my new novel “Mission Osiris”

At that moment, the operator switched the camera to the ship, giving him a good look. Stephen was struck by the unusually elongated shape of this ultra-modern vessel, which resembled an elongated Cuban cigar in its outlines. After that, the picture shifted inside this unusual structure, and an attentive viewer was able to see how this huge ship was arranged from the inside. Numerous halls became visible, in which some complex technological equipment was installed, which was controlled by nimble and agile mechanics, each of whom was busy with his own business. Stephen even managed to look into the ship’s portholes and see a small combat boat dock to it.

The camera moved the image to the ship’s entrance locks. Suddenly, the locks opened and spaceports began to leave this combat boat. Some of them were injured, which indicated that they had been in a serious alteration.

Soldiers carried heavy backpacks with ammunition and replaceable batteries. In their hands flashed military weapons. Stephen had already encountered some samples of alien weapons before, the rest were a novelty for him.

Immediately after the soldiers, a girl of extraordinary beauty entered the room. Her uniforms were also not in the most perfect condition. Unlike the soldiers, however, she appeared more composed and active.

  • who is it? Stephen asked, addressing his interlocutor, pointing his hand at the girl who struck him with her unusual appearance.
  • It’s KARINA, Taya replied.

“She is not a living being as you know it. It’s an android. “I will try to introduce you to her as soon as the opportunity presents itself and she visits Elysium.


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