Quote from my book Gifts of the Gods
Quote from my book Gifts of the Gods

Quote from my book Gifts of the Gods

“Ken looked at Stephen and offered him a cigarette, even though he knew full well that Stephen didn’t smoke. But such were the laws of hospitality and respect between employees of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.
– But I’ll smoke,” said Warren, cutting off the tip of his cigarette and looking piercingly at his interlocutor.
He put the cigar to his lips and lit it spectacularly with a lighter. It was an old habit of his. It was something he used to do when he was a young man and did serious investigative and operational work himself. He had changed, but some of his old habits remained.
– I hear you’re going on vacation.
– I’m ready to sign the papers, but you have to do one little errand for me.
Stephen tensed up. When Warren offered to run a small errand, such errands sometimes stretched over several months. And one of his little errands had even stretched over several years and had most recently ended with the capture of a group of Latin American criminals carrying a large shipment of drugs into the United States from Mexico. And so the vacation trip to the Maldives was once again postponed.”


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