Quote from a fantastic novel by Nikita T
Quote from a fantastic novel by Nikita T

Quote from a fantastic novel by Nikita T

Evening came. The first constellations began to appear in the sky. Somewhere up there, among hundreds of lost planets, there were Garh colonies and beautiful cities of the Metropolitans. Star Alliance battleships and Naga cruisers flew by. Royce was thinking, looking at these glowing lights and did not notice how the AI server started working. The military has been trying to contact him for several septims. He broke away from his thoughts and turned on the thought communication device.

Norman was informed that tomorrow, at dawn, the ships of the Star Alliance were supposed to land. The platform for receiving ships was already cleared and ready to receive heavy and heavy battleships that were entering the orbit of the planet at that hour. The military was reporting on the situation, while Norman was thinking about how many of his comrades would die that night. It is possible that such an unenviable fate awaited him.

Quote from the science fiction novel “The Heavenly Gates of Ta Keo”


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