Product vs service
Product vs service

Product vs service

The main product of the modern writer is the book. The value of this product is constantly growing and for that reason. The main reason for the increase in the cost of books for consumers – readers was the cost of the services provided.

At the moment, the cost of services is overestimated. If writers actively use the paid services that publishers provide, they will go broke. The cost of translating, advertising, voicing, turning and editing services is so high that if you use these services, then the release of books will not be profitable.

Modern writers are forced to master all these services so as not to feed the army of publishing houses, which only earn on this. And in this author began to help neural networks. I think that over time they will replace those who seek to make money at the expense of the publisher.

Already today, neural networks can provide writers with decent enough illustrations. Over time, they will be able to provide other services: book voicing, art translation and editing. I hope that this will happen in the next 5-6 years. In fact, this will make a real revolution in the market. Samizdat and on-demand printing will occupy 99% of the print and e-book market.


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