Parasitizing on vanity
Parasitizing on vanity

Parasitizing on vanity

Every author is a creator. He has an inflated ego and expectations. And that's normal. After writing his first book, the author expects recognition and shouts of "bravo". But that's not the case. He receives negative reviews. And only the publicists are willing to temper his vanity. These parasites are able to siphon "coin" from any budding author if "he has let his guard down. Almost all samizdat resources are engaged in "parasitizing the vanity of the novice author. There's nothing they don't offer: targeted advertising, banner ads, layout and editing, selling books in bookstores, participation in book fairs by correspondence, and so on and so forth. Forgetting to say that as long as the author is not known to anyone, such advertising gives the author no return.

If you want to succeed you must learn to do everything yourself. It will save you money and time. You have to learn how to: layout books, make your own websites, compose press releases, compile bookplates, etc., etc. If you’re not ready for that, you’ll never become a brand and you’ll only be seen as a source to supplement your own budget. Try to learn from your competitors. See what helps them stand out from the crowd and become the top. Don’t think that advertising solves all your problems. Yes, advertising helps to promote, but only for authors who are already famous. If you have a good publishing budget, you can spend a little money on advertising. But if your budget is limited, you shouldn’t throw money away.

Also, try to learn how to write books and write interesting stories. Remember that the best advertising is a recommendation from a reader. Try to give your books to those who will read them carefully and take their comments seriously. These comments are “worth their weight in gold. If readers don’t like something, it means you haven’t done something right. Work on your writing technique, and I’m sure you’ll do fine.


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