Nikita T’s works are placed on the “Lines” of MTS
Nikita T’s works are placed on the “Lines” of MTS

Nikita T’s works are placed on the “Lines” of MTS

The victory march

Nikita T’s books continue their victorious march through the most popular Samizdat portals, gaining more and more new readership.

This time, the Strings portal announced the publication of 13 books by Nikita T, we hope that Strings will not stop there and will publish on their pages the complete works of Nikita T (which so far number 16 books)

What is the portal known for?

Firstly, Stroki is a book service with its own publishing house.

Secondly, the “Lines” promote only those authors who arouse reader interest, and in this case they did not lose – Nikita T’s books invariably beat the ratings of reader interest… Some books fall into the Hits section

Thirdly, this service has convenient multicards for books: text, audio and a short version-sammari – you decide which of the available options to choose.

Read Nikita T’s books in Russian on the portal that will be convenient for you and in the format that is closer to you!


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