New Site Update
New Site Update

New Site Update

As I wrote earlier, our site does not stand still, it is constantly developing.

First, we have strengthened the security of the resource by installing a new security loop. This is due to the fact that recently we have faced a new wave of spammers and all sorts of scammers. Unfortunately, now only registered users will be able to leave comments. However, this procedure (registration procedure) is quite simple and you will be able to do it. I hope that our readers are not people with a low level of intelligence who are not able to pass the standard registration and subscription procedure for the news feed.

Secondly, two new sections appeared on our site:

The Help the project” section will allow you to translate donations to site moderators who are working on filling out content. I think this content will please you. In addition, here you can subscribe to RSS news and blog subscriptions by e-mail.

The “Flipbook” section will aim to publish excerpts from our books in the popular Flipbook book format. You can familiarize yourself with the selected book before purchasing it in publishers, online bookstores or popular marketplaces.

I hope that you follow our updates and do not forget to subscribe to our news!

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