New additions to the BOOK STORY
New additions to the BOOK STORY

New additions to the BOOK STORY


A new appendix RU has been added to the HISTORY BOOKS page

(this application is intended for Russian-speaking audiences)

Dear friends, you can install the mobile application “RU” directly from our site.

The application allows you to:

Go to Nikita T’s channel in Russian on RUTUBE;

watch videos of the author;

give likes and dislikes to the listened works;


to send donations;

to leave comments to listened works;

to share listened works in social networks, to listen to those channels on RUTUBE to which you subscribed, or go to those channels that caught your attention

In the application Audiobooks we have added the audiobook Diogenes

This is the author’s account of the parable of the end of life of the famous ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, author of The State. The story is based on the story of Diogenes being enslaved and becoming a teacher to the children of a noble patrician. Diogenes was taken in love with the man’s family, and they offer him freedom, but he refuses. Diogenes becomes attached to the children and decides to open a school, Crania, where he begins to teach the children of both the rich townspeople and the poor. This story is based on real events of the past. Diogenes is not presented as a humorous character, as he is commonly portrayed in some contemporary works (including plays for children), but as a real historical person, with his merits and demerits. The story will be instructive for teenagers who are under the age of 18 and have not yet formed as a whole person and are influenced by other people and passions. All of the dialogues of the characters are written in verse. The style of presentation resembles that of the famous Greek authors. This script is suitable for the production of a play as well as a full-length feature film. In addition to being colorful, this story is very entertaining and it will not leave anyone indifferent, neither adults nor children.


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