My plans for the beginning of next year
My plans for the beginning of next year

My plans for the beginning of next year

The hardest thing for me is to start writing a new book. Before I do, I try to think through the plot and make it interesting. Sometimes I weave detective patterns into it or ponder what a particular character (or a secondary character in the book) would do in a particular situation. Before I put that character in the book, I try to come up with a biography to give the narrative a coherent and natural feel. Each character has their own traits and personalities.

I love to travel and my characters also get into all sorts of situations that can happen to them anywhere, anywhere in the world. I’m not limited to one country, I understand that our world is interdependent and that what happens in one part of it affects what happens on the other continent. The fiction I describe is in no way detached from those events that take place on Earth, and perhaps this makes me different from most fiction writers who write abstract books about new unexplored worlds. I have an inherent convergence of different genres: adventure and detective novels, fantasy and realism. Yes, and I have characters can go to other worlds, but these worlds are in some way related to the planet on which we live.

This time I have finally begun writing my new novel, “Scary Dreams of the Visualizer. It took me about five or six months to think through the plot. It was either a lack of inspiration or something else. I always feel the moment when I need to pick up the pen and sit down for a new book, and now is the time. I have all the free time and inspiration I need to write a new book. Today I finished the Prologue. It’s a go. I think I’ll finally finish this novel early next year. I think you will enjoy it immensely. The plot will be bombastic and more dynamic, in some ways it will equal the best Hollywood adventure novel scenarios.


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