My immediate plans
My immediate plans

My immediate plans

In early 2023, I released the novel Scary Dreams of the Visualizer. This is a continuation of a series of novels about the visualizer, which, by chance, became a former patient of a psychiatric clinic.

The novel described events that took place in the United States in our turbulent time. Many of the events described in this book actually happened, others were invented by me. It was a kind of symbiosis of fiction and real events of the past.

In the sequel to this series of science fiction novels, I plan to write another book, “The Return of the Visualizer

In this book, the main character has to understand himself, what led him to a psychiatric clinic and what contributed to this. To do this, he will have to return to his homeland to undergo a hypnosis session and find out what worries him. It turns out that all the events that occurred were not accidental and he ended up in this clinic not by the will of rock, but by the plan of certain dark personalities. The hero will try to change something in his future in order to forever say goodbye to his past. In essence, we return to the origins of the first part, which was called “Visualizer or Person – Changing Reality.”

I hope that the book will be even more dynamic than the previous ones. In fact, it will be possible to observe a mixture of two genres in it: the detective genre and the genre of a fantastic novel. I want her to completely capture the reader, not leaving him alone until the very last page of the story.


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