My immediate plans for 2024
My immediate plans for 2024

My immediate plans for 2024

Friends, once again I want to wish you Happy New Year!

I hope that the next year will be creative, creative and less aggressive, than the leaving 2023. All of us want a peaceful sky over the head and the terminations of the internal, civil, fratricidal war between two related people.

Probably, therefore, I have such grandiose writer’s plans for 2024.

First, I want to finish the new children’s, detective novel “Vasya Skorokhodov’s Travel to the Fifth Measurement”

This book is for primary school children. I would like schoolchildren to like this book and they began to read it on their own, associating themselves with the main character Vasya Skorokhodov, who, by the will of fate, managed to find his “path” to the fifth dimension, which his father could not find. This book is about how a child begins to understand what is the main values ​ ​ in life, that this is not money and wealth, but real friendship and loyalty to his word. In it, the main character will have to go through numerous trials and know the bright and dark sides of our endless world.

Secondly, I plan to write a science fiction novel “The Return of the Visualizer”

I hope you already read the previous books of this cycle, namely my novels: “A visualizer or the person – changing reality” and “Bad dreams of the Visualizer” also you look forward to continuation of an ekhty series. Judging by the number of the sold books, these works were pleasant to large audience of readers.

Besides, I want to continue a series of books about a travel of the captain of the star fleet Norman Reus. The previous book “Mission Osiris” was on sale successfully at once on several platforms of a samizdat and therefore I seek to consolidate the received achievements.

And finally, I want to congratulate you again on the upcoming holidays!

I raise the glass, that to wish you Happy New Year!

I so want it to become fine, light and cheerful…


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