Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

I would like to remind you that November 27 will be Mother’s Day on Sunday. In many European countries this holiday is celebrated at a different time – the second Sunday in May. We have celebrated this holiday at the national level for the 25th time, and of course I want to congratulate all the mothers of our immense Motherland, who have children and loving men. I, too, have a beloved woman and children. At one time I encountered a problem when a child could not find a poem for this holiday. So I wrote my own poem, maybe it will be useful to you.

Mother’s Day is the best holiday,
I love my mother,
Today I’ll give her a bouquet of daisies
With all my heart I’ll give her a bouquet…

She’s always there for me
I’ll catch her smile…
Sometimes she reads me a story
When I don’t sleep at night

She’s always with me
Walking in the festive city of Moscow,
I’ll tell you here without flattery,
She teaches us kindness…

She’s always with me on holiday..,
When she comes home
And we read books in the evening
And we’ll learn examples and oral maths…

Mother’s Day is the best holiday
I’ll give my mother a hug
Though I’m sometimes a naughty boy
But I love my family…

Once again I congratulate all mothers on this holiday and give them flowers!


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