Moscow is my gold-domed city
Moscow is my gold-domed city

Moscow is my gold-domed city

On September 10 and 11, 2022, Moscow will celebrate its 875th birthday. I love this city for its ancient streets, active citizens and unique atmosphere.

I congratulate Muscovites and guests of the capital on this significant holiday.

Moscow is my golden-domed city,
You are my pain, my destiny…
I love your humpbacked bridge *,
What is next to Presnya, by the pond.

I love Arbat, I love Volkhonka,
I love parks and cafes
When you change a new thing,
When you stand in a negligee.

You are always in the center of all events,
Busy work until late.
I made a million discoveries
Looking into your eyes in the morning

Yes, many beautiful cities
There is Rome, and London, and Paris,
Where you forget everything in the world
Where there is both gloss and prestige.

But, I love my glorious city.
It sparkles in my soul
Like a simple and Orthodox church,
Which is somehow close to me.

*The humpback bridge is a bridge in the Presnensky district of Moscow across the now defunct canal of the Old channel of the Presnya River. It is located next to the building of the Government of Russia.


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