Literary horoscope: Libra writers
Literary horoscope: Libra writers

Literary horoscope: Libra writers

Astrologers say that the heavenly bodies influence the character and abilities of people. In their opinion, it is noticeable in creativity – experts even undertake to determine the zodiac sign of a writer from his texts.

The zodiacal circle consists of 12 parts, each of which corresponds to a certain period of time. People born from September 23 to October 22 are called Libra. They are famous for emotionality, erudition and fine taste.

Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Lermontov is one of the most famous Libra writers in Russian literature. Like many representatives of this sign, he was actively interested in art. Lermontov could play the piano, guitar, violin and flute. The poet also drew well – he wrote 13 works in oil, 51 watercolors and more than 450 pen and pencil. Also, according to the memories of contemporaries, Lermontov was a brilliant polymath: he was well versed in literature, philosophy and history, was fluent in German and French, and could read Latin.

Like many Libra, the writer was a very emotional person, easily succumbed to passions, which greatly complicated his life. Dramatic relationships with girls led to the fact that he never found a life partner, from which he felt lonely. In addition, a heightened sense of justice prompted Lermontov to create a poem on the death of Alexander Pushkin, for which he was arrested and exiled to the Caucasus. The poet’s temper led to numerous quarrels, two of which even grew into duels. The first ended with a repeated exile to the Caucasus in the midst of a bloody war. The writer was sent to the most dangerous parts of the front. The second duel led to the death of Lermontov – he died at the age of 26.

Sergei Yesenin

Another famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin was characterized by an uncomplicated character. Like most Libras, he was a very enthusiastic person – quickly fell in love, but just as quickly cooled down. The poet was married several times, he had four children from different women, in the education of which he almost did not participate. Unsettled personal life caused a sense of loneliness, which Esenin tried to drown out with alcohol. Drinking, he gave free rein to his feelings: scandalized, fought and hooliganism, for which he was brought several criminal cases.

However, typical for Libra charm helped Esenin avoid punishment: the victims forgave the talented poet, the police treated his antics indulgently, and the Chekists to snatch him out of the jaws of the green snake, even established a tacit supervision of him. And yet excessive emotionality and vulnerability ruined the writer: he committed suicide at the age of 30.

Ivan Bunin

Libras are subtle aesthetes. This is how Nobel laureate Ivan Bunin can be characterized. Contemporaries emphasized his ability to choose clothes and keep in society. In any, even extreme, situation, the writer retained refined manners and elegant appearance. He generously shared fashion advice with acquaintances. So, the famous singer Fyodor Chaliapin Bunin recommended not to flaunt in underdresses, boots with lacquered shanks and shirts kosovorotki. He believed that this way he puts himself on the same level with Maxim Gorky and other writers, whose taste did not approve.

Despite the inherent Libra natural charm, which allowed Bunin to charm acquaintances, he often conflicted – even with friends. Difficult character and principled led to his break with Gorky and Vladimir Nabokov, as well as frequent quarrels with Alexander Kuprin. Bunin was also sharp on the tongue. He was quite caustic in his criticism of many contemporaries, including Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Blok. But the writer would not be a Libra if he did not balance the ridicule with praise. Thus, he supported the young Nabokov at the beginning of his creative journey, spoke highly of the work of Konstantin Paustovsky and Alexander Tvardovsky.

Bunin’s aestheticism manifested itself in his work. He strove for stylistic perfection in poems, brought poetic colors in prose. Literary categorically did not accept the orthographic reform of 1918, which excluded from the Russian alphabet several letters. The writer argued that “”forest” without “yati” loses all its resinous flavor, while in the “pes” through the “e” has already disappeared all the devilish”. Also, like many representatives of the sign, Bunin was a subtle psychologist, which allowed him to create a truly vivid, memorable characters, harassed by passions familiar to every reader.

Oscard Wilde

Another famous aesthete writer is the Irishman Oscar Wilde. Like many Libras, he was a true paragon of style: always dressed in the latest fashion, was witty and erudite. Wilde could easily support a conversation about art – both ancient and contemporary to him, fluent in French, German and ancient Greek languages.

He even became the face of the aesthetic movement – a direction in art, which proclaimed the primacy of form over ethics. The embodiment of this principle was his novel “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, which critics accused of immorality. However, even the most ardent moralists were forced to recognize the undoubted merits of Wilde’s authorial style: elegant brevity of dialogues, precise choice of words, elegant metaphors and numerous paradoxes.

Miguel de Cervantes

Libras are true connoisseurs of beauty. They have an excellent understanding of architecture, music and literature, drawing inspiration for their own works from their peers. As a true representative of this sign, the Spanish classicist Miguel de Cervantes had an excellent understanding of art. He was especially occupied with masterpieces of writers of Antiquity and the Renaissance. Literary scholars trace the distinct influence of Italian poets and novelists on his work. Also contemporaries noted in Cervantes such typical for his zodiac sign features such as dreaminess and a tendency to succumb to momentary impulses.

Nikita T

This young hopeful writer was also born under the constellation of Libra. We wish him creative success. We hope that his works will also become so popular that they will outlive their creator.

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