It’s nice when publishers earn with you.
It’s nice when publishers earn with you.

It’s nice when publishers earn with you.

Some publishers understand what kind of work can bring significant profits, and in time join your success, earning on it with you.

And first of all, I want to thank the Litres company, which has recently significantly improved the work that it conducts in relation to young Russian authors. She draws attention to those works that have prospects in the future, offering new forms of cooperation.

In particular, the Litres company voiced my book “Mission Osiris” for free. I wrote this book on the Litres Drafts service and the moderators were able to familiarize themselves with it in advance, before it went to print.

I would like to note that this time I was completely satisfied with the work of the moderators of Litres. Their remarks were “on the case,” and I was inclined to agree with them. That is why Litres released the audiobook Mission Osiris and did not take a penny of money from me for it.

You can download the Osiris Mission audiobook at the following link


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