Is it worth replacing Google Play Market with an alternative app store?
Is it worth replacing Google Play Market with an alternative app store?

Is it worth replacing Google Play Market with an alternative app store?

Most Android devices come with a pre-installed Google Play store, also known as the Play Store. It’s a one-stop shop for apps, games, music and movies. But unlike iOS, it is relatively easy to swap the Play Store for another app store for an android. But is it worth doing? There are quite a few reasons to answer yes.

Стоит ли заменять Google Play Market альтернативным магазином приложений?

Restrictions by Google

App stores make it easy to find and download software because they store everything you need. As a user, it’s much more convenient than searching online for desktop installers.

But there’s a downside. This approach gives the company that runs the app store enormous power over the software we use. Google decides which apps get into the store. It also has the power to remove apps. A program you really like can disappear at any time, despite your (or the developer’s) objections.

Google also gets a share of every sale made through the Play Store as compensation for providing and maintaining the infrastructure.

Google Play and privacy are different things

You need a Google account to access the Play Store. With it, Google logs every app you’ve installed.

You can browse your library and see a long list of all the apps you’ve installed on every Android device you’ve ever owned. Apps show up in this list even if you’ve only had them installed for a few seconds. You’ll have to manually delete those apps that you don’t want tied to your account.

This is partly a requirement of mobile app stores. In order for your apps to automatically load when you move to a new device or to keep track of your purchases, Google has to tie that information to your account.

Unfortunately, if you don’t care about these features, there is no way to disable them. So if you use Google Play, you’ll let Google keep track of you.

Not all apps are on the Google Play Store

The Play Store may be the biggest store to find Android apps, but that doesn’t mean it has all the apps. In fact, some cool apps are missing from the Google Store.

Some apps aren’t there because they only work on custom firmware or rooted devices. Others disappear from the Play Store because they violate Google’s terms and conditions.

Or it is a regional problem that we sometimes encounter. An app may be downloaded on Google Play, but is not available in your region or for your device.

This means that you will have to look for the program somewhere other than the Play Store. In some cases, the alternative app store has what you’re looking for. Or you will have to download and install the APK manually.

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