I continue to improve our site
I continue to improve our site

I continue to improve our site

I would like to note that work on our resource does not stop for a minute.
What has been done recently?

  1. We’ve added a Scripts page. Now you can read the scripts of our works for children and young people and download them for free. However, we would like to point out that all rights to these works belong to our author Nikita T, and if you want to use them in your work, you will need to write a comment at the bottom of the page.
  2. By popular demand of our readers we added new page “Music”. Now you can download songs you like directly from our site. Great fun to listen to. If you want, you can put them on your pages for free.
  3. Added an opportunity to find out more about the author. You can attach your smartphone to the necessary widget and download the QR-code with brief information. On the Russian-language site this information is in Russian, and on the English-language site – in English.
  4. We have simplified the feedback form. Now you do not need to register on the wordpress site. You can do it on our resource.


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