I continue to compose aphorisms
I continue to compose aphorisms

I continue to compose aphorisms

Aphorisms are my weakness, I like to read other people’s statements. Sometimes I compose them myself…

Recent events in the world are pushing me into new statements.
Of the latter:

“Putin cured the world of covid, will cure Nazism”

“Crazy American grandfather has dementia, he no longer remembers what he imposed sanctions on, but what he did not, some re-introduce”

“People love their own self so much that they are ready to forget about everything in the world, about conscience, honor and love for their neighbor”

“Money only has value when you can buy something for it. And it doesn’t matter what kind of money it is paper or electronic. This is probably why the debts of some countries have become unbearable, and this, as you know, leads to wars… “

“ooooh, imagination is a great thing… especially when it comes to women and you are not a bearded man who is about seventy years old “

“If you rank the world idiocy, then in the first place by a wide margin will be a crazy American grandfather whose dementia is progressing, and in the second a bald German neo-Nazi who is constantly trying to break the stool on which he sits”.

You can supplement this series with your wonderful statements, especially since there is something to talk about, we live in an “interesting time” – the time of the scrapping of eras that are related in importance to those events that took place at the beginning of the twentieth century…


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