How we are losing the battle for our future
How we are losing the battle for our future

How we are losing the battle for our future

It’s no secret that science fiction writers predict the future. The terms invented by science fiction writers of the past have already become quite firmly established in our everyday life. Those devices that they predicted are already functioning or will begin to function in the very near future. It seems to me that in many ways science fiction books shape our future. And our present largely depends on what they invented. I would like to note that some books have a negative impact on the development of civilization. Depressiveness and a “bad end” for humanity, which are characteristic of Western science fiction writers, largely predetermined the depressiveness that is characteristic of our society. Wars in the 21st century do not subside, but flare up with new unprecedented force. And therefore, I do not understand the fantastic stubbornness of our publishers, which does not allow the works of domestic science fiction writers predicting other lines of development of our civilization to the Russian market. Only a few manage to break into the vast expanses of the book market.

I would like to recommend domestic publishers to take a closer look at Russian science fiction writers. Among them there are talented guys who offer new interesting books with unusual storylines. Enough already kowtowing before the West, despite all its achievements, which remain in the past.


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