How not to get lost in the crowd
How not to get lost in the crowd

How not to get lost in the crowd

During the existence of a developed human civilization, a huge array of fiction books has been written. With such a mass of publications, it is easy to get lost, becoming a grain of grit to which no one will pay close attention. In order for this not to happen, the author must be original and have some qualities that allow him to distinguish his works from the general mass of existing literature. How I would do this and would like to talk in this article.

What qualities should a modern author possess?

The first thing to pay attention to is charisma

Charisma is the ability of the individual to reach the heart of the reader. If you failed to capture the attention of the reader from the first three sentences, you can be discarded as not necessary junk, even if you wrote a wonderful book…

Second, the author must be truthful

Even if you write fiction, your starships must fly in orbits that comply with the laws of physics… A complete beliberda deters the reader, no matter how wonderful the language your book (your work) would be written… Remember – if you do not know something or do not understand something – it is better not to write about it…

Thirdly, the book (production) should be written in competent Russian without gross stylistic and grammatical errors. Of course, we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. But some authors are capable of making so many mistakes that they deter the reader. If you are not able to subtract your product – hire a proofreader and editor. These specialists will not only help you subtract your work, but also correct your shortcomings.

Fourth, this is a correctly built storyline. If you have not thought out the plot in advance, you risk making your work chaotic and not logical. Before proceeding to write the production, outline the main plot moves (storylines) with large strokes. In the future, when writing a production, you can change the intended plot, but at least this will allow you to make the production more logical and your book will be written more interesting and understandable for the reader.

Fifth, this is the right choice of the topic of production

In my opinion, the production should be relevant. If the theme of the work is available for understanding a small part of the audience, then no one will read you. Therefore, this issue should be taken seriously… Look around… There are so many interesting things in real life that you will always find a theme for your book…

Sixth, this is the originality of the work

I often hear arguments that no one needs informal. Perhaps – this is so. But, even if you write a work in some popular genre, you must be something different from the rest of the authors, something that makes your work special and memorable. Remember – you cannot write under a carbon copy. You need to be yourself.


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