How Mask tried to deceive citizens about artificial intelligence
How Mask tried to deceive citizens about artificial intelligence

How Mask tried to deceive citizens about artificial intelligence

Inspired by the success of the OpenAI startup, which created the most popular ChatGPT chatbot and DALL-E neural network for image generation, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX announced a new company called X.AI Corp, which will engage in developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Interestingly, Musk acted as one of the investors of OpenAI more than 10 years ago, but he never managed to lead this company. Most recently, he himself called for a halt in AI development for at least six months in order to keep control over it. As it turned out, this was all a public deception.

According to official documents, the company is registered in the state of Nevada, and the employees so far include only the director himself (Ilon Musk), and secretary Jared Birchall, who also serves as the head of Neuralink. This company of Musk’s develops and implements various implants to run the brain-machine interface. The main goal of such devices is to establish direct contact between the human nervous system and the computer. Experiments on animals have so far yielded impressive results. In 2021, a monkey with a Neuralink implant successfully played Pong, a game where you have to hit a flying ball with a bar.

As it turned out, back in March of this year, Elon Musk hired two former artificial intelligence specialists from DeepMind, an Alphabet project owned by Google. One of them was Igor Babushkin, who is believed to be in charge of neural network development at the new startup X.AI Corp. The media wrote that Musk also wanted to poach OpenAI’s top engineers, but apparently it didn’t work out.

As The Financial Times wrote earlier, Elon Musk recently bought 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs to develop artificial intelligence in one of Twitter’s data centers. These high-performance chips are needed to create a large language model, an AI system capable of absorbing huge amounts of content and creating very realistic texts or images, like ChatGPT. In addition, he is already in talks with investors Tesla and SpaceX to invest in his new venture.


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